Ovulating or not????????????
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help - November 23

I am currently 27 years old & have been ttc for 3 months. AF has always been very regular. I have just started charting & am half way through my cycle, & have noticed very little CM. Could this be because I am not ovulating even though I have always had regular periods??????


me - November 27

CM can be scant due to numerous things, including estrogen levels. However, you may just be experiencing a fluke or will be ovulating later in your cycle than normal. Since you just started charting, I would make sure you are temping as well, to give you a better idea of when you ovulate. CM can be tricky, especially if you are only looking for ewcm, and if you only get cm when you are at peak ovualtion times. I only get watery and creamy, never egg white. If you do some Kegel exercises with your vagina, it can squeeze out some cm, so you can observe it. Also, you can see some cm after a bowel movement. I would not say you are not ovulating just yet. Keep temping and observing your cm for up to 6 months. If you do not see a sustained rise in your temps after ovulation, then I would say it is time to go to a dr. Until then, keep observing. Good luck!


help - November 27

this is the first month that I have been temping, and I have had basically no change in my temps (currently on CD18). My temps have stayed steady between 97 & 97.4, which is another reason for me to believe that I am not ovulating. Also, this month & last month my cycles have only been 18 days before that they were always in the mid 20's, so I'm really not sure what is going on. I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled, but it's not for 2 more weeks. Right now I am very frustrated & scared. I don't understand what is going on.



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