Ovulating on Nov. 13th/14th...Wait along with me!
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Carmen - November 8

Hi, Just wanted to create this thread for those like me who are ovulating on the 13th or 14th. Me and my dh have been ttc for about 5 months and I am hoping 5th time will be a charm. I have no serious medical problems according to the doctor besides the ovarian cyst that I get some months, which usually rupture and give me no problems. Other than that Im just waiting and hoping to see positive! If you are ovulating around the same time, I would love to discuss the ups and downs of this long wait with you all!


Vanessa - November 8

I may be ovulating around the 14th as well but my cycles are anywhere between 27 and 31 days. I'm thinking that may be my problem. We've been ttc for 5 months as well and I never thought I'd have this much difficulty since we are both very healthy with no problems. I also never thought I'd be so disapointed each month when my period arrives. Ho Hum!! Anyway, I'll wait the long wait with you. My problem is that I can barely tell when I am ovulating and I dont' want to have to buy the $50 OPK again.
Talk soon!


mckenzie - November 8

hey girl baby dust to both of you. I,ve been off b/c for 8mnth and really been trying since august. am due to ovulate around the 12 good luck


kylie - November 9

hey their,

Im on my 4th round of 100mg clomid Im getting scans done tomoz to see if their are any mature egg's and if so then hopefully I ovulate on the 14th ! I really want this, I ovualted last month for the first time in a year and didnt fall, so fingers crossed for me ..



Sara - November 9

I just O'd Nov 6th.I bought the $1 dollar store OPK's and they worked great.According to my CM the pos OPK came at the right time. It was very easy to read and ALOT cheaper. I bought 7 of them but only used 5. I would love to play the "waiting game "with you guys.I also have been ttcing for 5 months but I just m/c'd Oct 23rd.So I am already trying again.Hopefully we'll all get BFP this month!!!Baby dust to all of you!!


hay - November 9

hello i am overlating around the 13th too im on clomid 150mg i have been trying too concive for 3 years now ! hope this cud be the month pluse its my b day on the 13 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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