Ovulating on CD 8 -- TOO EARLY?
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Missed Opportunity - October 7

It seems I may have ovulated on CD 8 --- anyone ever heard of this?? I only had time to get busy ONCE - just on CD 8 --- too early and not ready!!


Mega - October 7

We all Ov on different days, it even can vary cycle to cycle for the same woman, so I guess it's very possible to ov that early. And if you did "get busy" on CD 8, that's great. All it takes is one time in the key time frame & one fast swimming spermie! Good luck!


Gina - October 7

Mega's right , we ov on diff days. are you on any fertility drugs? they can make you ov earlier. are you tyemping to figure ov or using opks? or are you just going by cm


Indi - October 7

Also, bear in mind that the spermies can live in there for a while...up to 72 hours inside the uterus/tubes, so even if you bd'd on CD8, you've got about a 3 day window after that...there are actually differing opinions there too...some places I've looked say the spermies can live up to 5 days in the tubes, but those would have to be some HEARTY spermies! I usually o on CD12 of a 27 day cycle. The other ladies are right..you can O anytime in your cycle. Not all women are the same. Best bet is to monitor your BBT....CM and try those fertility monitors.


Missed Opportunity - October 10

Thanks for your answers girls!! My temp has stayed elevated since CD8 - I am on dostinex to lower my prolactin level and it seems ever since I've been on it I O earlier and earlier. One wierd thing though, I OPK'd negative on CD 8, which is the day before my temp went up ... so that's wierd, any suggestions????



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