Ovulating? Clear Blue Easy
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Cutie - May 10

I bought Clear Blue Easy (includes 7 test strips) I used one on May 7th (Saturday) - only 1 line (refference line) showed up... I didnt test on May 8th, and then I tested on May 9th (Monday), and I had two lines... One is little little darker, but they look almost the same, very similar. Does that mean I will be ovulating next 24-36 hours? I used BC for 2 month to regulate my period. My last period (fake) was on April 29th. I started taking Ovulex on May 4th Wednesday. I have a lot of CM and my stomach looks huge( bloating).... Please tell me what do you think? I hope I will get preggo this time... Thank You God bless


Amanda - May 10

If your lines matched then yes, you will "O" in the next 36 hours. Have sex every OTHER day.


Cutie - May 10

Thanks Amanda, so every other day is better than every day?



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