Ovulating and on Clomid?
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jeab - March 30

Hi Ladies. Is there anyone else out there who is ovulating everymonth and able to get pregnant but who has been prescribed Clomid to 'help speed up the process"?
I have been pregnant twice (both times after TTC for 6 months) but unfortunately both ended in miscarriage at 8 weeks. All our tests have come back normal, so it is now a case of wait and see with #3, in the meantime I am 37 so my obs/gynae has put me on 50mg day 3-7. Just wondered if anyone else is going through the same?


MuzikGurl - March 30

wow! I can't believe ur dr. actually gave you clomid even though u are already ovulating!! ???? that's amazing!!! I hope he has a valid degree on the wall because since u are already ovulating there is no need to risk ur body in taking pills to make u do something that you are already doing...it's like driving a car. You are driving slow but still driving...why risk flooring the pedal just to get some where faster??!? Clomid has a lot of health risks. As for the miscarriages there are some meds. that may help your body try to hold onto the pregnancy longer but clomid isn't one of them. I'm sorry I would definately seek out another opinion on this one. good luck and I'm very interested in what happens...keep us posted! take care!


cmarie - March 30

Jeab- I have irregulare periods and wanting to try to have a baby. SO my doctor put me on clomid as well to regulate my periods. The otehr method would be to take the b.c.pills which is not an option since Im trying. He has been very thorough thru the whole process. Sonograms on day 3before starting the clomis then again on day 12 to check egg size. I have never had a problem conveiving on my own before either.


Ann - March 30

I am 36 (almost 37), O on my own, and have very regular cycles. The clomid will make you produce more than one follicle and therefore give you more chances to become pg in any given month. There is nothing wrong w/being on clomid even though you O and I had no side effects from the meds. The health risks are very minimal. The drs just want to speed things along at our age! It didn't work for me and I am on injectibles now, but I hope it works for you! Good luck.


MuzikGurl - March 30

Ok, who am I to talk...I'm a spring chicken next to u old birds....don't listen to me.


Ann - March 30

MuzikGurl, OUCH!! I will just give up on ttc and check into a nursing home now.:)


jeab - March 31

Thanks ladies for your feedback and good luck to us old timers!, how long have you been/were you on clomid? this is my first cycle after trying naturally for 6 months and am hoping it works for us. We started TTC when I was 34 and naively didn't think we'd have a problem - seems ironic to have been on bc pills for 10 years!!!


Ann - March 31

Hi jeab. I was 34 when we started ttc, too. If I get a BFN, this will make exactly 2 years of trying for us (I am 13dpo today and got a BFN this morn AND feel like af is on her way--I am pretty bummed today). I did 6 cycles of clomid 5 of which I also did iuis. This last cycle I did injectibles (Follistim and Menopur) and had my 6th iui. I have never been pg. What all tests have you done?


MuzikGurl - March 31

The reason I said that is because honestly, I don't think you guys would listen to a young woman like my self I'm only 23 years old but, in all retrospect I am going through the samething I too am taking Clomid and I have done my research and everything and I just thought I would be concerned about knowing that clomid is to make you ovulate and I have never heard of it used for anything else and I just wanted jeab, to be carefull cause not all doctors know what they are doing I've been there and currently suffering the conseqences because of my other doctor failed to do his job. But, like I said....I don't know anything...I'm just a little girl who's playing online. =(


SashaP - March 31

I'm in a simular situation I O on my own and I'm on clomid. I'm also young I'm 25. The other reason they put you on it is to give you more follies and to give you a better uterine lining so the egg will implant well. I have also done alot of research on this and I am 100% comfortable with it. I have been ttc for over 2 years and will be doing my first IUI this month. Good luck and baby dust....


Ann - March 31

MuzikGurl, you said it--we are all in this together regardless of age. SashaP, the clomid can actually be bad for the uterine lining. Some people have to take estrogen to thicken it, because clomid can sometimes deplete the lining. My dr likes the lining to be at least 8mm. When you do the u/s checks, the tech/dr can tell you what your lining measures. Good luck to all!


SashaP - March 31

My Dr told me a low dose of clomid will help the lining. When you start increasing the dose is when it does the reverse. Assuming that you O on your own.


jeab - April 1

Hi all, both my GP and my obs/gynae have been great. So far i've had tests for hormonal abnormalities, blood clotting disorders, infection, and uterine/cervical abnormalities. DH/I have also had tests for genetic defects and (being veggie) I've also had checks for folate and calcium (peace of mind). I've cut out caffeine and minimised my alcohol intake and have even gone back to the dreaded gym! We have also been ttc for 2 years (with some happiness and sorrow inbetween) its not easy is it? I am 9 dpo and have plenty of symptoms but having read about clomid s/e I am assuming that is what I am experiencing. MuzikGurl, thanks for your concern, we are all hoping for the same thing- Good luck to us all!


Sigi - August 22

Hi Jeab, I have had no problems with ovulating but my doctor also prescribed Clomid. Last month I started on 100mg and it overstimulated my ovaries so they wouldn't proceed with IUI which was very disappointing. I am trying 50mg next month so fingers crossed but it may still overstimulate as everyone is different. My doctor said clomid not only stimulates the production of follicles/eggs but improves their quality so hopefully less chance of miscarriage.


babyforcole - August 22

Hey sistas, I ovulate every month and my re put me on clomid. It's not nec to make you ovulate but it's suppose to help you develop a big healthy egg. I believe it also allows them to control when you o. I took 50mg days 3-7 with iui, didn't get preggers though so this cycle I'll be taking 100mg days 3-7 so I can produce more than one egg to give the ejac more options I suppose. I'm 32 dh is 38 in Sept.



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