Ovidrel tonight - IUI Fri - Anyone else??? Need buddy!
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JamieLynne - June 14

I am going to do my ovidrel injection tonight and will be going on Friday for my second IUI. We have been trying for almost 2 years and I always get anxious during this time. I would like to chat with someone who is near my schedule so we can wait this out together.


Carole - June 15

Hi Jamie Lynne! I did ovidrel on Monday night and had iui this morning. I am pretty crampy now. I had an u/s before the procedure this morning and my dominant follicles were still there. So the ovidrel hadn't kicked them out yet. I hope it happens tonight. Dr. said we have to bd tonight. I hope your shot goes well. I thought the needle was not sharp enough!! I will chat later. Good Luck! I will be happy to wait with you. I will be testing on 6/30. I also have to take prometrium starting SAt. Where are you from and what is your story??


JamieLynne - June 16

I am from NY and have been ttc for almost 2 years. I was diagnosed with pcos in September. I have gone through 4 doctors and am now at infertility and reproductive center that is 2 hours from my house. I am now getting by the far the best care and realize how much time I wasted with the other doctors. This is my second IUI - last one done in March. April and May were out because I had cysts that were too big to proceed with. The shot wasn't too bad - this time it was easier because I knew I could do it. I am excited that we can wait this out together. I go tomorrow for the iui - I will let you know how it goes. So how are you feeling tonight?? Where do you live and what is your story??


Carole - June 16

Hi Jamie! I hope your procedure goes well in the morning. Are you taking the day off? I did. Most of my crampiness went away by today. I read that the crampiness is usually due to ovulation and not the procedure. I sure hope so. Dh and I did not bd lastnight. He didn't have it in him. Lots of on demand this week. My cervix is low and closing up today so I am sure I ovulated already. Wish I knew for sure. I am 34 and dh is almost 35. We have 1 daughter age 4 1/2 who is truly a miracle. She was conceived b/w 2 injectible cycles about 5 years ago. I have trouble ovulating and therefore don't have af regularly. Just unexplained fertility. Mostly hormonal. Dh is fine. I got pregnant on my own last July and miscarried late August. Been trying ever since. Femara didn't work and have been on clomid several times in the last few years. Trying injectibles again this time. I have lost 110 pounds in the last year and 3 months so I am definitely the healthiest I have been in a long time. I pray for a bfp but am cautious as well b/c I know it can take several attempts. My insurance doesn't cover anything so this may it for a while. I live in VA and am very close to my RE, about 20 mins. Dh did his sample at home the other day and I took it in. Please let me know how it goes for you. I will say a babydust prayer! Have a great night!


JamieLynne - June 16

Thanks Carole!! I am 28 and my dh is 41. We do not have any children together. I am the main problem - do not ovulate on my own and all that stuff which I guess is due to the pcos. I am so hoping for a bfp soon but like you said after everything we have been through you have to be overly cautious. I don't get my hopes up anymore. I am feeling a little crampy right now - I wonder if the shot is working.... will keep you posted on how things go. Talk to you later.


Carole - June 16

Jamie, I hope things are going well for you today. You are in my thoughts. TAke it easy and do nothing today!! I will check in tonight. Let me know how it goes.


JamieLynne - June 17

Hi Carole! How are you?? Well things went well. Our numbers weren't as high this round as last round but still above normal. The nurse had a hard time getting the catheter in - but after some discomfort it went and all is well now. Had a bit more cramping than last time. I will be going on 6/30 for my bloodwork. I think that is the same day as you. How are you feeling??


Carole - June 20

Hey Jamie Lynne! How are you?? things are going soooooo slow. I will be 6dpiuicdcxcampvbell,,, ok sorry about that, my 4 yr old wanted to type her name. She did with a couple of extra letters. Her name is Campbell. Anyways, I am not sure I will make it to next Friday to test. I am sure I could get an answer before the 30th but then I don't want to either. I want to be positive but I keep thinking if I wait maybe af will break thru the progesterone. I guess there is nothing to do but wait and wait and wait. I wish I could have a little window to see what is going on in there. Ya know??? Tell me about you. Today I was crampy and bloated, but that could be progesterone. Who knows! write back when you have a chance..


JamieLynne - June 20

Carole - Hey there, how are you?? I am doing ok - like you said this waiting is such a killer... I have actually been feeling quite crampy today and a little moody. I don't know if I can wait until the 30th but I don't want to be disappointed either. I love the name Campbell!! It is kind of neat that we are due to test on the same day!! Well I wish I had some other encouraging news but like you said it is just wait, wait, wait at this point. Keep me posted!


Carole - June 21

Hey Jamie Lynne! Well 7dpiui for me. Nothing unusual at all. Still feel a little bloated but that is it. I had very vivid bad dreams the night before last but I think that is the progesterone talking. ARe you on prometrium too?? Are you going to wait or test early?? I think I might test on Thursday June 29th, as I have a gathering for girlfriend's bday and want to be able to have a drink if I am not but if I am I need to come up with a clever excuse b/c they will know something is up. I haven't told anyone but 1 of my friends and that is it. Easier if things don't work out. Do you have any plans this weekend to occupy the time?? I will chat with you soon. Check in when you can!


JamieLynne - June 21

I have been feeling crampy quite a bit today. Nothing major but enough to know it is there. Lot of white/creamy cm and still moody - other than that nothing. Oh and I have this weird rash on my neck - who knows though.... I probably will end up testing on that Thursday too - maybe we should both test and see what happens!! I hate doing that though because I always get a negative....


Carole - June 23

Jamie Lynne: I am having a hard time not resisting testing right now. Gosh, I know its too early but I have this terrible urge. I am pretty sure the HCG is out of my system. NOt really feeling anything today. I can't tell from my cm as I am taking Prometrium vaginally so I think that creates the white stuff too. My cervix is high and soft though. I can only pray it worked. If not, we will deal with it. I hope you are having a good day. tAke care and I will check in over the weekend.


JamieLynne - June 26

Hey Carole - how are you feeling?? I am feeling ok - still a lot of cm and cramping (very mild but there). I am feeling a little bit nauseous right now. I am not on prometrium. I hate this waiting game. Are you going to test early?? Let me know - maybe I will crack and join you!!


Carole - June 26

Hey There! Well I broke down and tested already. I knew I couldn't hold out. I am 12pdiui today and yesterday and today was bfn. I knew it would be. But I don't have any good feelings right now that it worked. I don't know why. Maybe my mind trying to prepare me. Who knows? I don't have any symptoms of anything except a lower back ache. That could be af coming or not. Tell me how you are today> I will be testing the rest of the week now since I already started. I can't wait to hear your outcome! !


JamieLynne - June 26

Sorry about your bfn - but it could be way too early still - I have heard a lot of girls who end up getting bfp and having no symptoms. I am still having the cramping that comes and goes and my bbs are defintely bigger. Once in a while they hurt on the sides and underneath my armpits. And still lots of cm - I am trying to prepare for the worst but still hoping that this was our month. I am probably going to break down Wed. and test.


Carole - June 27

Hey JamieLynne!! I think your symptoms sound promising. So you will be 14dpiui on Friday, right? I recommend not testing before then. I have been in funk all week with the bfn's. But I did it to myself. Today I have had a headache all day. I did check my cervix pos. and it is still soft with cm and high. So who knows. If af is on the way, it definitely needs to show b/c I can't stand the wait anymore!! Ha, Ha! Let me know how you are and if anything changes!


Carole - June 29

Jamie Lynne what is going on?? Have you tested yet?? Let me know! I hope you are okay!



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