Ovidrel Question
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Lucky717 - October 25

Anyone else out there use Ovidrel? What at the pro's / cons? Anyone had a BFP from doing that with Clomid or Femara & times intercourse? I would love to hear what others have experienced. Thanks & baby dust!!!!


ROBYN - October 25

Hi Lucky, I am now just starting my first cycle of IVF but for the past 4 months from April - August i was doing Clomid with Ovidrel. I didnt O on 50-100 on Clomid I only did on the 150. I had alot of mood swings, irritability, emotional, and once i did the Ovidrel when I was O'ing I felt that everything was much fuller and you felt a lot from your ovaries. But unfortunately for us it didnt work. I have scar tissue that is too risky to remove I also have an 8yoa from a previous marriage so my RE felt the best course for us instead of wasting more money on injectibles was IVF. . There is no pain at all when doing the injections in the stomach. I wish you luck.


Lucky717 - October 25

Thanks Robyn for your helpful information. I O'ed on 50 mg of Clomid but just couldn't take the brutal side effects. I wish you the best with your IVF. Baby Dust!!


thayward7 - October 26

Hi! I used Ovidrel 3 times and will use it again this cycle (I am taking Clomid and Repronex). I don't think I had side-effects from the Ovidrel, I think they were from the Clomid - hot-flashes, moodiness, etc. It definitely helped me to release the egg though - I could feel it - kinda' cool really. I remember the first time I was sooooo nervous about giving myself the injection, but then, it didn't hurt at all! The Repronex stings way more. Anyway, I am not pregnant yet, but am hopeful for this cycle. Smiles and Babydust... T



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