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Lee - September 30

Does anyone know of any negative experience with Ovidrel? I am using it instead of 10,000 HCG intramuscular this IVF. Please advise if you have used it or know anything. THANKS!


Toni - September 30

I used the shot last cycle and will be again this cycle. I had no ill-effects from it. And I had to give it to myself which was not hard at all.


Lee - October 1

Thanks Toni. So I assume that you ovulated as expected? I just took mine 20 minutes ago and I am hopeful. Thanks again.


Judi - October 1

Lee, I had an Ovidrel injection the day before my first IUI, and it definitely worked because I got pregnant. I didn't have any ill effects from it either. Good luck!


Lee - October 1

Thanks Judi! Bless you and your baby.


Toni - October 1

I did ovulate but did not get preg. Just had a HSG and I think we are going for IUI this month. Good luck



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