Overweight and TTC with Metformin
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Tracy - December 10

I just have a quick question. Are there any Ladies out there who were significantly overweight and were able to persue (and were successful) trying to get pregnant? My doctor put me on Metformin recently, as well as BCP. I have a dermoid cyst that he will be scheduling surgery for removing soon and then I hope to restart TTC. My concern is that I am overweight and the metformin has helped me to lose about 10lbs, but now I've hit a wall... I eat very well and hardly ever cheat or eat things that I shouldn't and even working out isn't helping. Should I look into some more serious weight loss methods, or does anyone have some reassuring stories for me? Thanks for your time in responding and *baby dust* to all!


Tracy - December 10

Oh yes, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19. I am 29 now.


Jazzy - December 10

My doctor told me to cut back on carbs when i start taking metformin so you may want to look into low carb diet//he also said that once i begin and loose weight it will increase my chances of becoming pregnant because ovulation usually comes back with metformin/glucophage


MuzikGurl - December 10

yea, I recently talk to me new dr. and he told me that i need to lose a lot of weight...I'm 23 and currently weight around315lbs. so, I really need all the help i can get...my old dr. put me on metformin but, i was getting sick on it...but i think it was because i didn't eat right while on it...but he also never checked up on me or monitored me like he didn't other patients so, i switched and now my new dr. told me to try to at least go walking 20-30 min a day or every other day if anything..and try to eat less carbs and more protein....before he gives me metformin again because he thinks I can do it..but, I see him again in a month meanwhile i have a sonogram to see if my cysts are still there or if they are doing anything. So, I hope the best works out for the best and good luck and baby dust to all! take care!


Lulu - December 10

I am also overweight and have PCOS and was recently put on Metformin. I weigh 230lbs and my doc suggested weight watchers but not to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week so i dont lose any nutrients. ps to ladies....make sure you take your folic acid too!


ahava uk - December 11

just to be honest with you all. Tell me..if all the overweight women in the world didnt get pregnant,,,there would be no bloody children in the world!!!!!

DOCTORS do not know what to say , when infertility or problems strike in ttc..WHAT is their answer?? lose weight...UTTER RUBBISH!!!
Doctors just want to harp on about weight, cos that is all they learn in med school. .....

Good luck ladies



Tracy - December 11

Thanks everyone... especially AHAVA UK You are right! It is just soo frustrating! Especially when I already do the low-carb thing (my husband however is a carb-a-holic but not me). I am a good farm girl so protein is definately consumed way more in my diet than carbs, and I eat plenty of fruits and veggies... just weight loss seems to be so difficult. But when I see a little baby it all is so worth it. One of my best friends had a baby on Friday and 4 others are pregnant and all due between now and early April. And 2 more friends are going to start trying soon and one of those girls already has a baby and they conceived him on the first month of trying. It's just hard when the thing that I've wanted most in my life has always been a family of my own, and I am so worried that it may not happen for us. But we'll keep trying and I'll keep you posted!
Oh yes, and I faithfully take my folic acid and the Metformin really made me sick at first too, but I stuck with it and it got better. I am on 750mgs per day right now, but I suspect that my doctor will increase that when I go to see him Jan 4th. Thanks again for the encouragement.



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