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Curious - April 6

Does anyone know if being overweight affects your fertility. Husband had varicoccele surgery two years ago and still not prego. I went to RE recently and running all kinds of tests, I just found out I have a bicornuate uterus which apparently is related to miscarrage and pre-term labor but not any problems with having to conceive. Besides that I am overweight - I weight 215 lbs but according to my RE that has nothing to do with it but I was wondering if you all had heard anything different. However, I am trying to loose the weight but it takes time and I just pray everyday to become pregnant.


Cutie - April 7

Hi Curious! I have been here for quite a while, but havent seen you around. You are probably new, and if you are WELCOME to this site. I like it, and I come here everyday with questions of my own (a lot of them ) and try to help other ladies if I can. I am also married, but not for a long time, only 8 month, and I am TTC, however my periods got irregular, and then some unexplained pain. Doctors did all kind of tests and can not figure out whats wrong, however when I had my CAT scan, I was told that I have a uterine septum and was reffered to RE..... Can you tell me what bicornuate uterus is? is it the same as uterine septum issue? I am so worried since I have to wait for an appt. for 2 month :) that long.....Please let me know what tests do RE do? I am not sure if overweight has anything to do with concieving because you see a lot of people who are not overweight and still no luck with concieving... Keep us posted dear! Baby dust



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