Overweight, After Depo, Regular Cycles
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krissy2006 - December 7

Hey ladies. Just a quick question. I am 22. I was on depo for 3 yrs. I have been off for a year and 1/2. I am about 75 lbs overweight. I have regular 25 day cycles and b/c I temp I am pretty sure I ovulate by myself regularly. What do you ladies think the chance of me getting pregnant are? How much estrogen is necessary for pregnancy, and how much would interfere with it? (I ask this b/c I have heard overweight people produce more estrogen) Thanks for your help in advance and if you have any suggestions about what I can do (besides lose weight b/c I am in the process of that) I would appreciate it!! Thanks!!


krissy2006 - December 7

By the way I have been actively TTC for 4 months and have been charting the same. I am currently taking prenatals but was thinking about trying soy, EPO, omega complex, womens multi-vitamin and some other things that have helped the women on the pregnancy symptoms board. What do you all think???? again thanks in advance for your opinions.


krissy2006 - December 7




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