overion cyst
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saia - April 5

my question is that i had a cyst on my right side i go through from medicines but it become small not totaly gone do i really have to remove it ?because i want to become pregnent my age is 26


Cutie - April 6

Hi saia, I have a tiny cyst on my right ovary. Last month it was on the left. I am also TTC and my doctor told me that most woman will get it every month, and it can be on one side this month and on the other the next. She said that she wouldnt worry about it, because it is not growing. It is possible to get pregnant with it, however it can really mess up your periods. R u TTC baby #1? I have been married for 8 month and desperately want to get preggo. Baby dust your way!


Jenna - April 6

Hey Saia, My doctor for some odd reason told me that I probably would be able to conceive after the age of 24, because I have ovarian cysts 2-3 at a time....but hey you never knwo catch up with ya tomorrow.


Jenna - April 6

Hey Saia, sorry I messed up, my doctor told me I probably *wouldn't be capable of conceiving after age 24 because I have cysts appearing almost every months 2-3 at a time, see I have been TTC for about 4 months now, and all but I stopped BC 6 months ago, and I was on BC for about 4 years straight due to the ovarian cysts that I have, the BC is used to down size the cysts and hopefully in time dissolve them, the only form of BC that I had luck with that made them disappear after 4 months was the Nuva Ring, and the Patch worked after 8 months but they came back, the nuva ring stopped them completely and I haven't had one since November. Hope I helped you out a little, but on the other hand my cousin Lisa is 34 and she had a little boy at 29 and she had ovaran cysts worse than I did, and never was on BC, so you see it is different for everyone....baby dust to ALL!!!!


Teresa - April 14

I've been told that all women get cysts on their ovaries, often when they are having their period. Most of the time we don't even know. I had one that was painful, but a month later, I found out that I was pregnant. The cyst never caused any problems and eventually shrank. We are now trying for # 3 so I know it can be frustrating. Hang in there and good luck!



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