Overdue periods after the Pill anyone??
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Lindsey - May 10

I got off the pill in November and since then my periods have been 7-18 days late. (I am 18 days late today) What is the deal? Anyone else having this problem? Does this affect whether or not I'm ovulating? Please someone help me out and answer!! I want a baby badly and I can't help but wonder if this is the problem......


lovely bee - May 11

Hi i was in the same boat, i got of the pill last march and my periods have been of wack for the first 6 months, sometimes two weeks late, sometimes 3, than i was one week late so you can imagine i thought i was pregnant a few times, but the last few months they started becoming normal like 28 to 30 day cycle, now i am pregnant, just wait your body needs to adjust:)


Lindsey - May 11

Thanks, lovely bee....it's nice to know other people have the same problems!


carrie l - May 12

I too have experienced this. Ive been off the pill since July 2004 & my periods havent been less than 40 days apart since stopping the pill. My obgyn ran some tests & determined I was ovulating but very weak. I am now on clomid.


L - May 13

Mine are INSANE!!! I came off of the pill in October - had wierd "non periods" (spotting etc), decided that by january 1 things should be getting normal, had a period starting on Feb 18 and haven't had one since! I am now on cd 75 I alos have not ov'd since I came off of the pill. I have an appt with an ob/gyn on the 30th and hope hope hope that they will induce my period if it's not here by then and let me try clomid (or some other ovulation inducing drug!)


k - May 15

yes, my first one arrived after 46 days, took a lot of hpt's that month!! lol. my cycle is a lot longer than i realized too, like 35 days now.



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