over the counter prenatal vitamins, help needed
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itsapinupthing - December 27

has anyone taken over the counter ones? what brand worked best for you? would you suggest any to me? when should i start to take them? when should I stop taking them? are there any side effects?

please help


K - December 27

My doctor said the over the counter ones are just as good as the prescription ones. I 'm pregnant now, and she had me just continue taking the ones I had already been taking. I buy the brand that wal-mart carried ( I can't remember the name, but it has a baby on the label), and my doctor says she knows which ones those are and they are fine. There are no side effects- it is just like taking any other vitamin. My doctor said that once you are starting to consider trying to get pregnant or decide you are going to begin trying to get pregnant you should start taking them because of the folic acid they include. No need to stop taking them unless you have a baby or decide to quit trying to get pregnant. It took me a long time to get pregnant, so I've been taking them for a few years now.


itsapinupthing - December 27

wow thank you K......I will do more research and start on them asap


kc - December 27

When I was pg last spring (mc in April), I was also taking otc pre-nate vit. One Source was the name. I took them for a year while ttc. After I was pg. I brang the bottle to the doc's office and he said they would be fine. I am still taking them. They cost much less and have pretty much the same proportions of vitamins and minerals as the prescription brand. I am also taking the expectra supplement made by enfamil. It is supposed to help with brain and eye develpment. My doc said it was okay for me to take them also. I got both supplements and vit. at Wal-mart. I hope this helps. Lots of baby dust to all.


itsapinupthing - December 27

thank you so much KC


K - December 28

I looked this morning and the brand of mine is Spring Valley. Good luck!


itsapinupthing - December 28

that was so sweet of you to check, thank you for that.


jcr - December 28

I take the trader Joe brand, they are food based and don't make me feel sick or constipated (sorry tmi!). They are realy reasonably priced and work well. I was told to take them with my daughter throughout breastfeeding. I have pretty much stayed on them for 3+ years, due to pg, breastfeeding and ttc#2! Goodluck!


Ann - December 28

I've heard that sometimes over the counter prenatal vitamins don't have as much folic acid as the prescription ones. The CDC says you should have at least 400mcg of folic acid while you are trying to conceive and at least 600mcg after your pregnancy has been confrimed. Folic acid reduces neural tube birth defects by up to 70%. I have been taking (prescription) Duet Chewable vitamins (while ttc). I looked at the label and they have 1mg (1000mcg) of folic acid in them. Hope this helps while you are comparing labels!


frankschick2001 - January 5

Hi, My doc said over the counters are just fine. Just read the label and make sure there is AT LEAST 400m of folic acid. Some have 800m, so ask your doctor which ones he would like for you to take.


Anna - January 5

I'm PG right now and I take two multivitamin Flintstones every day. My md said they are the equivalent to a regular prenatal and they're cheaper, too. Plus, they taste good!


me - January 6

My RE said that as long as your prenatal has at least 800-1000mcg of folic acid, it should be okay to take, prescription or not. Some drs say the more folic acid the better, but I haven't found any over the counter ones with higher than 800-1000mcg. I take the generic Stuart natal ones. Hope that helps!



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