over stimulating your nipples prevents pregnancy
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Sharon - September 7

I was told that my husband is overstimulating my nipples causing me to produce a hormone imbalance prventing me from falling pregnant, Is this true?


D. - September 7

Stimulating your nipples will increase prolactin levels but, unless you are already close to unusually high levels, I doubt that that is enough to cause you to not conceive. Prolactin is the hormone that kicks in to control breast milk production. Other things can cause issues with prolactin levels besides stimulating the breasts. I suggest you talk to your doctor if you really do think it's a concern. It's a simple bloodtest to have your prolactin levels checked. He'll be able to find out the source of the problem IF there is a problem. But simple stimulation of the breasts isn't the most likely source of your infertility, I'm sure. Though one never should say never I guess.



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