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NatashaV - February 14

Hi ladies! Welcome to our 4th thread. This one has a new title because we want to focus on the 'positive' of becoming pregnant, sustaining a healthy pregnancy and having healthy babies! We're here to show support for one another in a truly caring environment. Baby Dust to All!


baby1234 - February 14

YEAH! This is great. Positive words for positive people...and we will get that positive soon!


Tracy88 - February 14

Just checking in to let you know that I am not lost:) To answer the question.........yep, we are looking for a house. We saw one today that we are in love with. I have a fabulous relationship with my in laws. They are truly awesome people and treat me like their own. I waited a long timw to be blessed like this, so I am soaking it all in. I will check in on you ladies tomorrow. Must lay down.


meme_g - February 14

LOVE THE THREAD NAME CHANGE! Obviously I am a big believer as I am seeing it work every day! Attract what you want. I had my u/s yesterday - everything was perfect so I am good to go and started clomid on Day 3 which was yesterday. I take it 3-7. For Karen - yes I have taken Clomid before, only once with an IUI. I've never just taken the drug. I had no side effects and actually had the easiest time ever with BB's swelling - which normally take on their own life form, but on the clomid (and for the following 2 months) had no BB swelling. And since it was back in full force this month, I really noticed it. I am so excited for this cycle and working with the doctor. Everything has a detailed protocol and plan and nothing is left to chance. And now being with these guys as opposed to my idiot prior doc, I realize how bad they were. They left my follicles get too big, and they gave me my trigger shot and then waited too long before I came in for IUI. Anyway - who cares, I have moved on and like I said, I love the plan they've laid out for me. I go back on the 22nd for another u/s (I get to have lots of nookie between now and then - which dh & I are ready for - the surgery last month sort of put a damper on things - just didn't feel like it). Then they will check the follicles and decide if I trigger that night or come back one more day. But that will be on day 12 instead of day 18 of my cycle. Big difference. I will actually give myself the ovidrel shot, vs hcg shot they would give. Sorry for the novel, but that's my scoop on what I will be doing to get pg this month!


meme_g - February 14

Kristi - I am so sorry you are now having to go through a miscarriage. My heart goes out - we are here if you need us. Dana - glad you feel like crap and are grumpy - yahoo you are PG! It's a good thing. (And since we dont' live with you, we can really say that - your dh on the other hand...) Just kidding - me trying to be funny! Tracy - good luck on the house front, you will really enjoy it. Laurie - enjoy your break and lots of healthy vibes to you as you make your decision about how you want to move forward. Stacie - grow those eggies. Your BFP is just days away now. I just stood in my kitchen this morning after cleaning up, and looked around and thought and soaked it in, I am literally just days away from my child being created and our lives moving into another phase. I am so excited. Then I came upstairs to work - and found the sweetest card from dh. He doesn't really do cards much, so when I get them wow they are meaningful. Seriously like probably 5 cards in 6 years of being together. Anyway, happy valentine's day to all of us - may we get all our hearts' desire!


karenk - February 14

Found the new thred...wonderful! In social work, we call the secret cognitive therapy....learning how to turn negative thoughts into affirmative statements. Well, my overnight special valentine's day date with dh got cancelled. We got to the airport at an ungodly early hour this morning, waited for 3 hours, and then they refunded our money and sent us home. Airports in DC were closed, so we couldn't get there. So, I'm back home quickly thinking up alternatives. A nap this afternoon is definitely in the works! Wishing you all a happy day.


cromwell - February 14

Natasha, awesome!!! Much better!!! I feel the energy changing for the good! I couldn't help myself, I ordered The Secret today. I am telling you, this sort of thinking worked for me in the past and in several aspects of my life. So now I can "barrage" myself with positive messages. Kristi, hang in there. Was this a natural cycle? I am sending you the encouragement vibes. I remember you are in Kansas. Missouri is totally frozen--it will be nice to warm up a bit this weekend, at least get us out of the freezing temps. My brother and his wife are in NOLA and Mardi Gras is next week--it is 70 down there. Stacie, now you have to shift gears to be receptive!! Remember, receptive! Karen, my mom is also a social worker and it was she who introduced me to a lot of the resources I have used in the past to get me past "funks". I never will forget whining to her one day on the phone and there was this stunned silence and then "did I hear MY daughter say that something wasn't fair??!!" Then she let me have it. She said "WHO taught you life was FAIR" basically she sure as heck didn't!! Rachel, sometimes people say just the exact right thing. Thank you for that exact right thing. It is something I have felt in my heart, but it is nice to hear this from your perspective. I am not giving up on using my eggs, but I am starting to feel like the universe, if I ask for it, will give me the children I need and I can hopefully be the parent they need. I love you guys, sometime if dh would ever download some pics I will send it to Rachel's site. It is a great way to stay anonymous with the web but all know each other. Stacie, you next. Dana, I am as tickled that you are hormonal as I was about Natasha being sick! Laurie


karenk - February 15

Stacie, just a quick note to wish you lots of luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you and waiting for your post to let us know how it went.


baby1234 - February 15

Hi all. Happy Valentine's Day! Dh was so sweet tonight and brought dinner and flowers (red for love and white for hope). I am really lucky to have found him. My butt is so sore from the hcg shot last night. I have a huge bruise and can hardly sit on it! Good thing I get to lie around tomorrow, right? Thanks for the encouragement for tomorrow. You all are so good to me! Good things are coming our way soon I believe. MEME--things sound good this cycle! I am so glad this re seems to know what he is doing...now it is just a matter of time! TRACY--any offers for a house yet? How exciting! KAREN--sorry about the trip cancelation. Did you guys have a nice evening at home? Maybe it was a blessing in disguise! LAURIE--your mom sounds a lot like mine! I think I have received the "Life's not fair" speech too! You are my inspiration! You will make a super mother and your kids will be so lucky to have you as a mom! KRISTI--sending you my love. Take care of yourself. To everyone, I am sending hugs your way. Enjoy your time with your loved ones tonight! I'll check in tomorrow. Take care! Stacie


Tracy88 - February 15

When I was in my injectables cycle, I got my inspiration through Buddhist quotes because I found them to be very positive, and look, it worked for me!!! Stay positive people! Stacie, no offers on a house yet. DH's parents are selling their Vermont home, which is worth millions, and his dad wants to wait until that is a done deal, so he knows how much he can give us. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but his parents are helping us out. His dad said the Vermont house should close within two to three weeks, so let's hope the house we love doesn't get snagged up before then. This area is just so expensive, that to find something decent, the prices start pretty high, that's why we rent. His parents want to help us buy so we will stop throwing money out the door and the market is good right now. Plus, they want to make sure their grandchild stays close by!


Kristi1 - February 15

Hi ladies....Natasha, great new title!! Thanks for all the well wishes....I am doing ok....we are going to go ahead and move on to another IUI cycle...since my numbers were so low (25) and went down so fast, I can count this as AF - starting bleeding yesterday - went in to have hcg levels checked this morning and they were negative, so will start the Femara tomorrow (cd3-7), do a mid-cycle sonogram on Feb 25 (cd12) and if everything looks good will do an Ovidrel injection then IUI #2 probably Feb 27. This last time we did not do the sonogram or Ovidrel, we just did OPK's and waited for the LH surge to do the IUI...dont know that this way will be any better or not, but we'll see. Anyway, dh and I talked about it and just decided to go ahead and go on without taking the month off...its not going to make it any easier if we do it this month or wait another month right.... Meme, sorry, I am still a little behind, but are you doing IUI this round? Sounds like we will be doing about the same thing with me just a few days behind you! Laurie, this was my first IUI - we did IUI with Femara instead of Clomid, and then OPKs to find when I was Oing....and yes, it has been freezing here too! We are supposed to get a warm up over the weekend and into next week it looks like...I am hoping! Tracy, good luck with the house hunting...how exciting! Stacie, wishing you lots of luck today!! Everyone have a great day!!


baby1234 - February 15

Hi everyone. This is a quick update on me. I am still feeling a little dopey so I am going back to lay down after I this. Anyway, we got 9 mature eggs and an undisclosed # of immature eggs! The dr says they look really good so far (yeah) and in fact they weren't even going to do ICSI (inject sperm in them) because it all looks so good. I am very happy and very relieved about it. Now I wait for the fertilization report tomorrow. Hoping for another 100%. (I am an overachiever and all!). Take care and I'll pop in later. Stacie


meme_g - February 16

Awesome news Stacie!!! This is your cycle - great news, just rest up - got one more step to go. Kristi - glad to hear you are doing well and going forward. I am doing clomid/IUI cycle this time. I am due for my sono on 2/22 so we are just a few days apart - how fun, we will all be pg together!! I must say, that I'm glad you will be monitered and do the shot - it controls things better. My last doc did the OPK's thing and then actually ended up triggering me too late, causing me excruciating pain and simply ignoring that and me, but I digress. Onto new docs that will me get pg. Interestingly, I belong to a leads group and one of the attendees is a chiropractor - we were talking as I'm going to see him next week but had to ask about xrays and timing of my cycle as obviously I dont' want to cause a problem. Long story short - he and his wife go to my same doctor's practice and his wife is now 6 mos pg!!! Yeah another success! So anyway - yeah for all of us as we get pg together in the next few weeks. Let's go girls! Stick baby stick (to borrow from Stacy and dh)!


baby1234 - February 16

Hi ladies! Another quick update. It looks like 8 fertilized! Yeah. I get my next report on Sunday. Transfer will be either Monday or Tues. Getting excited! I will be back in a little bit to catch up with you all. Stacie


karenk - February 16

Stacie that is FABULOUS!! I am doing okay today, starting to get crampy. I am on cd 25, 11 dpo. I don't know whether it is a positive sign or not since last month I had cramps for a couple of days before AF arrived. That was unusual for me. Usually when the cramps start, AF rears her ugly head an hour or so later. In Dec. when I got my BFP, I was crampy for days before. I am too scared to test yet. Hope everyone else is doing okay?


NatashaV - February 17

Hi ladies, just wanted to pop in to say GOOD LUCK Stacie! ..and Karen, I hope this is the one, I was 100% sure af was coming when I was actually pg. It felt exactly like af... Great attitudes everyone..here come the BFP's! :)


Tracy88 - February 17

Good news Stacie!!! Yay for the eggies!!!! Karen, i also had cramps really bad starting at about 9 or 10dpo. They felt just like AF cramps. This is a TMI thing, but I also kept feeling wet down there, so would run to the bathroom with a tampon already wearing a pantyliner, but AF never came! This went on for days, until on 14dpo I tested at night and got a very clear BFP.



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