Over35 and long cycles after MC (06/23/06)
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SANN - June 23

Hi ladies : ) I've been browsing this board and kind of new here. All of you here seems so friendly and nice. I'm wondering if anyone have similar experience ... long cycles after a MC, hpt tested negative and having pg symptons. I had a MC end Aug05 and ttc#1again with no luck yet. Since the begining of this year, I had a couple of long cycles and I'm on cd52, my cycles are usually 35 days give or take a couple of days. I'm wondering if these long cycles are normal (after a MC) or it's just me. By the way ... I have a log in problem, I can't continue to write back on the same thread. If you ladies don't mind, the only way for me to write back to you is by starting a new thread. Any inputs and advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks


newmommy - June 24

Hi, there. I'm 27 and had a m/c in March with #1. I had a period 6 weeks after D&C, and it's been 8 weeks since then and no AF. Not pregnant, and no AF! VERY frustrated!!! I just want to have somewhat of a normal cycle (or one at all) so I at least have a chance to ttc. My cycles before had been 32-35 days or so. I'm also wondering what's going on.



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