Ovary pain
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Molly - April 2

Hi! I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and can give me some advice.... For the last week I have been experiencing left ovary pain. Sometimes it is like a dull ache and sometimes its a stab of pain. It mostly happens a few times a day, and sometimes is fairly constant through the day. I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months and am due for more period in about 10 days. Does anyone know if this could be really early signs of pregnancy, or some other problem? I have experienced ovary pain before, and thought that it was ovulation, but it has normally been in my right side and only lasted a day or two. I would love some advice! thankyou!


joanne - May 1

can you get pregnet when you have all ready had a parchall hystorectomy
and is there a possiblety that it could be an eptopic pregnetcy


Sam - May 1


I also get this aswell for the lst mths, i am due on next week so it cus be menstration pains


Melissa - May 2

Hi Molly. Have you been checked for cysts? They cause ovary pain.


Misty - May 17

I have had ovary pain when ovulating but it subsides within a day or two, but when I had pain for more days then that , that led t weeks it ended up being pregnancy. So I'm not really sure. I guess you'll just have to wait.


Cutie - May 17

I have a cyst on my ovary and my doctor told me that it could give ovary pain, you also could be ovulating and there could be a chance that you are preggo... You just need to wait sweety its kind of hard to say. Good luck and LOTS and LOTS of baby dust.



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