Ovaries ovulate at different times in each cycle?
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cdmrose - October 26

OK, so I have a couple of weird questions: Given the assumption that I ovulate from alternating sides each month, is it possible to ovulate at different times in my cycle each month, depending on whose turn it is? I've been using OPK's for 4 months now. When I O on my right side, it is usually on day 9-10. When I am due to O on my left side, I can say that I don't O before day 17. I ran out of OPK's on day 17 the first time my left side was due, and this time I'm already on day 14 and still haven't O'd. So either I will O late or will not O at all. I took my first dose of Prometrium 200mg last cycle for low progesterone, and am waiting to O again so I can start a lower dose (100mg) this cycle. So if the answer to my question above is no, could the tardy/absent O this month be due to the Prometrium? Or do I need to hound my doc for another appointment?


linds99 - October 26

I'm assuming that your ultrasound is verifying that you ovulate alternating from each ovary. That is actually a good question though, I have never thought about whether one ovary may generate eggs that take a longer time to luteinize. I have read that there are women out there who have a lazy ovary, one that ovulates on occasion, while the other one is more active. But, I wouldn't be surprised if the pattern you are noticing with delayed ovulation on one side is truly accurate. I think ithere could be something to it. I have, for myself, noticed that my right ovary develops more follicles each month with meds than the right does, it favors the medication more. I keep developing about 5 mature eggs on the right ovary and sometimes, I will develop maybe one on the left ovary. But I have had verified ovulation on the left side too, despite it being a bit less active then the right one. Maybe your right ovary is more active for you too, and responds more effectively with meds? Prometrium is a form of progesterone right, so maybe that could stave off your ovulation since estrogen is supposed to be the dominant hormone amid (FSH and LH) during the follicular phase, and maybe the prometrium is too much for you inthe first half of the cycle.



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