Ovarian Drilling--Anyone have it done?
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Amy - February 21

Mega, I am so so sorry that I wasn't here for you! I got caught up with work and rarely get a chance to catch with the girls on here let alone my g/fs in my life! I'm so glad you didn't feel too much discomfort. I was in pain for about 3 days and he drilled about 30 in each ovary. I think the worst part for me was the belly button, I hate it being touched on a good day! The follow up appointment is when he tells you how it all went and what the next step would be. I hope it all goes well, you have to stay strong and like you said... if this is as bad as it gets then you have to get ready for all the good to come!!


Mega - February 22

Hi Amy. No problem, I figured you were probably busy. :) I have no idea how many holes he drilled in each ovary, so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's appt. Yeah, my belly button is definitely tender, but for me the most painful incision is the one on the left hand side for some reason. Thanks again for all your reassurance, you made me feel a little less scared going into the surgery. Take care!



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