Ovarian Drilling--Anyone have it done?
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Mega - February 6

Hi. Assuming AF comes on time, I'm scheduled for a laparoscopy on Feb. 17th. I also found out from the office lady who does the scheduling for my RE that my dr plans on using a special laser to help remove some of my cysts from my polycystic ovaries. I'm assuming she's talking about ovarian drilling. I have a pre op appt. on the 13th where I'll discuss this in greater detail with my dr but I'm interested in hearing stories about Ovarian Drilling. I'd like to hear both success stories & non-success stories. Also, how long was the recovery period? Any tips or questions I should ask my dr? Thanks in advance! Baby Dust!


Bump - February 7



Mega - February 9

Anyone? Anyone know anyone who had this done? Is Ovarian diathermy also considered ovarian drilling? I keep seeing those terms interchangably.


Amy - February 12

To answer your question, I have had it done. Make sure you take ALOT of rest after the procedure as it is quite painful ecpecially depending on how many holes they will be drilling. After the results came back my DR put me on Zoladex for 6 months which was injections in my stomach. That didn't work. I then had to speak to a infertility specialist about IVF and that failed twice. Don't take what I am saying too much to heart as everybody is different. This is my journey that I have been going through and still going through. It aint easy but nothing in life is meant to be. Good Luck.. I'll pop back in to see how you go Mega.


vanessa - February 13

i havent had it yet i am due to have it in april, waiting for a date. by then i would have taken nine months of clomid and a year of metformin, i will let you know how it goes


Mega - February 13

Thanks Amy! Amy, I had an appt. with my RE this AM & he said the ovarian drilling per se wouldn't be painful, just the incisions. I'm glad to hear what to expect from someone who's had it done though. I don't see how having holes poked in your ovaries wouldn't hurt. How many did you have? My dr says he does btwn 20 & 30 per ovary. Did your dr use a laser for the drilling? Should I plan on taking Monday off of work then too for recovery? How long did it take for you to feel normal? Sorry for all the questions, you're the only person I've "talked" to that's had this done. I'm so sorry it didn't work for you & the 2 failed IVFs. How difficult that must be. Hi Vanessa. Thanks! I just responded to your other post too. I'll be sure to let you know my experiences after the lap so you can be more prepared. Are you at least responding to the Clomid? Is your dr monitoring you via u/s on the clomid? Good luck.


vanessa - February 13

hi megan answer to your question is yes i am responding to clomid, it was my choice to stay on clomid for a total of 12 cycles or ovarian drilling. i picked the drilling, by the time i have the lap i would have done9 cycles. good luck and please let me know how it goes


Mega - February 13

I will definitely post back & let you know how it went when I'm feeling up to it. At least you're responding to the Clomid though, that's good.


Mega - February 16

Bumping this up b/c the surgery is tomorrow.


patty - February 16

hi mega---this is patty. the girl with the painful cyst problem last week !---GOOD LUCK ! i am sure everything will go very well !!!!!!!!! let us knew how the procedure went !


Mega - February 16

Hi Patty. :) I remember you. Thank you! I'll definitely post an update when I'm feeling better. How are you feeling now? Is your cyst pain easing up now? I have a feeling when my dr gets in there tomorrow he'll probably discover a cyst or two from where I didn't end up O-ing last cycle. I've been getting a lot more Ovarian pain than usual. But not nearly as pain as you were in.


vanessa - February 16

good luck mega, hope all goes well


Mega - February 16

Thank you! :) Fingers' crossed, I'll have a BFP by the time you get your procedure scheduled.


Mega - February 21

Vanessa--the OD went pretty well. The pain wasn't too bad, & the hospital did a great job keeping me full of pain meds though. I told my DH on the way home that if that's as bad as it gets, I can definitely deal. But he just had to remind me that I was full of Morphine & tortadol. :) But really, it didn't get that bad, a little Ovarian cramping once in a while, some tenderness at the incison site. Nights were the worst just b/c I kept waking up everytime the pain pills wore off. I was lucky, I never did have shoulder tip pain from the gas. Anyway, just wanted to let you know don't worry about the OD if you end up doing it in April. Good luck with your Clomid cycles in the meantime.


vanessa - February 21

great news it went well, you have put ,my mind at ease. So what happens to you now? do they keep an eye on you to see if you are ovulating? good luck, hope it is all worth it


Mega - February 21

Thanks. Good, I'm glad you're feeling better about the procedure. If it works for me this time, I'll definitely jump at the chance to do it again when TTC #2! I have a follow up appt. with my RE on Thursday, where he'll check the incisions/stiches make sure it's all good there. He'll also give me another script for Clomid 150 mgs. to start right away & I'd imagine we'll do another IUI this cycle. My dr said on Friday, some drs wait a couple cycles post-OD to see how the body will respond, but he doesn't believe in that. He said since the window of increased fertility is relatively short he likes to get a little more aggressive from the start. For me personally, I like that approach. But every dr is different. Good luck to you.


Amy - February 21

Mega, I am so so sorry that I wasn't here for you! I got caught up with work and rarely get a chance to catch with the girls on here let alone my g/fs in my life! I'm so glad you didn't feel too much discomfort. I was in pain for about 3 days and he drilled about 30 in each ovary. I think the worst part for me was the belly button, I hate it being touched on a good day! The follow up appointment is when he tells you how it all went and what the next step would be. I hope it all goes well, you have to stay strong and like you said... if this is as bad as it gets then you have to get ready for all the good to come!!



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