ovarian cysts and low hcg....please help
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miranda - February 6

I had an hcg done and an u/s last night....my period was due yesterday...during the day i had 2 +hpt ...then at the drs last night his urine test was neg but blood test hcg was 27.59......today i had another neg urine test at drs so maybe the test they use arent that sensitive so now im scheduled for an hcg tomorrow and thursday...they also discovered i have 3 large ovarian cysts in my left ovary one which is leaking...i took clomid days 4-8 100 mg.....anyone else have this problem and have a healthy pregnancy?


baby1234 - February 6

I have heard that cysts and pregnancy are quite common. My dr. said that cysts occur after taking meds for approx. 1 out of every 5 people (I was lucky enough to get 2 cysts after clomid, too). I bet you are going to be okay. Your doctor will probably monitor the cysts carefuly and you might get some pain from them, but. I don't think it will affect your pregnancy that you have the cysts. Congrats on the bfp! Take care.


patrizia - February 6

hi miranda. --i suffer from cysts all the time and they were also brought on the meds i was on---but i am really curious ( i hope you can answer) how do you knew a cyst was leaking ? how does a dr. determine that---are you spotting ? please let me knew and good luck !



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