Ovarian Cysts & Fertility
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wishing4another - January 20

Have any of you had them and have they affected you getting pregnant?

We have been trying to get pg for 6 months and was diagnosed 5 months ago with ovarian cysts.

We got pg right away with my daughter, but no luck yet with #2.

My Doctor said not to worry about the cycts right now because they are not that big and they don't seem to be getting bigger, but I just am so worried that they might be hindering our chances of getting pregnant.

Should I get another opinion?


charly - January 25

there's a possibility it could be causing you not tc. I understand what your going through! I have 1 child but it took 5yrs to concieve her and have been trying the last 2yrs and still nothing...maybe...but not for sure yet


mother2Bsoon - January 25

I was recently diagnosed with a very mild case of PCOS. My husband and I have been ttc for a little over 18 months. I am starting Clomid 50mg this month. I took provera to bring on AF and then should start clomid on CD5-9. I pray that your journey will end in a BFP sooner than later:-).


KeiraYvette - January 27

Definately ask your dr about polycystic ovarian syndrome.. mine first showed as lots of little cycts and lack of a period... they will do blood work to check your hormone levels,.. if u have a combination of the cysts and incorrect hormone levels you could have pcos which will affect you with ttc... get it looked into, some ppl just asimple medication helps...



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