Ovarian cysts
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Freckles - February 4

I just found out I have a cyst with endomitriosis all over it. I have two children and we were trying for another one my dr said I could continue trying and is getting me into see a specialist. I always thought it was pretty much impossible to get pregnant with this type of thing? Has anyone gotten pregnant with cysts?


jg - February 4

I had stage 4 endo with an endo cyst blocking one fallopian tube, and had several surgeries to remove the cyst and remove the endo as much as possible. We did 5 x IVF attempts, none of which worked, and then after another op to remove more endo, followed by Lupron medication to stop ovulation (to stop the endo from returning), we fell pregnant using Clomid. Apparently it was a medical impossibility for us to get pregnant without IVF, but it happened. Good luck.



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