Ovarian Cysts
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DCL - August 28

Hi All - I had my first IUI w/ clomid 100 mg early Aug but just got a BFP on Friday. I am starting on my 2nd IUI this month - started w u/s this am and possible found 4 leftover follicles from the last cycle. I have to go to back on Wed for a f/up. I read somewhere that clomid can causes cysts. Anyone experience this w/ clomid? I am just sooo sad if I have to take this month off!! Any hope...


baby1234 - August 29

I am sorry. I know how frustrating it is to be in your place!! I had a cyst on each side after my clomid month (July). When I went in for a scan they measured 34 and 31. Dr. said that 1 in 5 experience cysts after stimulation and wouldn't give me any meds. (I'm not proud when I say I thought about trying to find some clomid anyway but dh talked me out of it) You and I, unfortunately, were one of the lucky winners. Still try this cycle naturally. You never know...maybe there is a little something left in your system. On a more positive note, I ended up getting my period two weeks early and started on injections right after that. Dr said the period was early because of an estrogen drop when I absorbed the cysts. I think that is what he said. You'll probably only have to sit out one cycle before the cysts get absorbed. I know how incredibly frustrating it is to have to take the cycle off. I cried for two whole days! Take this time to relax about the baby thing, as hard as it is and try for it au natural. This is your body telling you to slow down a bit. Good luck. Stacie


roxy01 - August 29

Hi DCL. I was never monitored with clomid. The doc just gave me a script and sent me on my way. When I was 10wks pregnant and mc'ing they found a 7cm cyst on one ovary. It was gone at my 6wk post d&c checkup and that was 2wks ago. So it's better that they keep checking to make sure if there's anything there. I wish I had monitoring coz maybe the cyst wouldn't have gotten so large if they had caught it early. I know it's so hard to wait a cycle in between. I now have to have a 3 month break from clomid to give my body a rest. But I've heard of many people getting pregnant on a break from clomid. It stays in your system for awhile. So don't give up hope. While I'm waiting, I'm trying to be proactive and getting acupuncture and taking herbs to help everything get back on track. All the best xxx


linds99 - August 29

Hey Roxy1, You read that clomid stays in your system for a while? Interesting, because I took clomid for the first time last July (CD5-9) and did two IUIs (developed five mature follicles) and none of them popped despite the trigger shot. Anyway, I got my period two weeks later and the third day ultrasound revealed two left over follicles, 36 and 22 mm, I was so pissed, so they canceled my cycle for August...so here I am on CD 32 and I still haven't ovulated (via my monitor-only high fertility for two weeks and temps have been steady and low at 97.2). Do you think I still have the cysts, even after 5 weeks and that is why my temps are still very low or do you think it is the clomid from the last cycle tricking my brain to produce more estrogen?


DCL - August 29

Thank you Roxy1 and Baby1234. We will see what tomorrow brings. I don't mind trying on my own this month but my poor DH is just not dealing with it too well. this wouldn't be as bad but we have 5 friends who are having babies in the next 3 months. None of them had any issues getting pregnant. I will try to stay positive but it is sooo hard these days. I can't wait for my martini tonight!!


roxy01 - August 30

Hi Linds91. Thats a tricky one. I guess it could really be either one. I knew when my cyst was gone coz it was very painful when it burst, but it was quite a large one, so you hopefully won't have that happen. Try and stay positive, it may still happen for you this month. But I know thats easier said than done! DCL, I have the same thing happening with friends and family popping out babies every month! It is really hard. My sister will be giving birth 2 weeks before my due date at the hospital where I had my d&c. I'm realy dreading going to visit her, even tho I'm happy for her. I guess there's not much we can do but try to just get thru it. xxx


linds99 - August 30

Roxy1, did you bleed when your cyst(s) popped? I wish that would happen to me, because I don't think my cysts are going away, I just want them to leave so I can get my AF and start all over again. I'll take the pain :) I read that having cysts on your ovary that are over 10 mm actually crowd the ovary and inhibit ovulation, even if you have other good follicles developing...so I think my chances this month are next to null since my cysts are double that. I also did accupuncture this month several times, i wonder if that is also causing or has caused my temp to remain low? How is your accupuntucre experience?



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