Ovarian Cysts
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SerineMali - April 27

Hey ladies,
I just got my results from the doc and he said that i have a couple cysts on my right ovary. Luckily I work at the hospital and I was able to look up my results and I saw I have them on my left ovary also. I mostly upset due to him saying that I had one good ovary at least and now I really don't. Then he told me I have PCOS but not everything that the sydrome entails, so just some stuff. I was just wondering is anyone else suffering from this? Mine get really painful and I can barely stand up after sitting down. I'm just afraid on top of everything else this is only going to delay the process...


DB - April 28

Now I am no PCOS expert, but I have been diagnosed with this, so I will tell you about my situation and what my doctor has said....So, I stopped getting my period after I stopped the pill. I guess I had sort of irregular cycles pre-pill also. So, after not getting pregnant or getting af after months of trying, my ob referred me to a RE. The RE diagnosed me with PCOS. My main symptoms are anovulation, lack of af, infertility, mild acne.....I had an ultrasound done on my ovaries and I had no cysts...So I found it ironic that I had PolyCYSTIC Ovarian Syndrome, but no cysts, but I guess cysts are not always the "main" sign of PCOS. Anyways (sorry for my rambling). I started Metformin in March and finally got my period by myself in April...So, now we are using clomid with close monitoring. I understand the pain...I get daily twinges in my pelvic area. It hurts!! Were you seeing an RE or just your gyn? I would recommend an RE as they are much more knowledgeable about this type of stuff...


SerineMali - April 28

hey DB...
thanks for writing back. I live in Japan right now,and the only thing available is an gyn. I've been trying to go to a specialist, but they keep putting it off. It's military care, they do their best but it's hard to get everything you need sometimes. I'm so scared I'm not going to be able to have children. I know how much DH would be hurt. I think the main problem is my self-confidence. Just seeing people that are ALWAYS PREGNANT... because i work in a hospital...just makes it work. But lately, ive realized I can't do that to myself, because there are always going to be preg. women around.Yea about the PCOS, I've heard you don't always have the symptoms but you can still be diagnosed wtih it. The only thing I have are the cysts... they hurt soooo much when they start to twist and burst.. OUCHHHHHH... i just wanted to cry my eyes out on Saturday...(sorry... I'm talking tooo much...)Thanks for writin back by the way....


DB - April 29

I understand how you feel about seeing pregnant women..I too get very jealous of them and also women with babies. It's like why should they get the chance and not me??? I also have aquaintances who are getting married soley because there was an accident pregnancy involved. I feel like I did it the right way, why should I not be able to get pregnant!!!! Are you in Okinawa??? My sister was stationed there for a year or so...When will you be back in the states?


SerineMali - April 29

Hey DB,
Yeap in Oki.. Been here for about 2 years now. I should be leaving next May. It is like a baby making tour over here. People come here have 3 kids and go back. It's so populated. It's so hard working somwhere where I alwaysss see pregnant people. It really sucks! Sometimes some even complain about it and just say I'm so lucky to not have kids and "definitely wait, it'll change/ruin your life" it's like ok that's what you think, you have no idea what I'd do to be in your shoes!!! I hate the feeling of jealousy, it's like torture... what hurt the most was my SIL found out she was preg and my husband didn't tell me because "I didn't want you to think it's a big deal" Since when did that become not a big deal? It's someone having a baby! I was so hurt because of that. I was thinking they must think I'm so weak but still the people that don't have a problem Don't Understand... i don't care what they say about it, they just don't. Like I hate how people in my family try to tell me do it this many days after your period, and don't do this.. it's like ok I know you're trying to help but sometimes they push me so far it stresses me out... I think stress has a lot to do with why I'm not pregnant.... It's frustrating some times...anyways how are you holding up? What branch of service is your sister in?
Thanks for writing back... it's good to know someone understands....


DB - April 29

I am ok..I finished my clomid last night and have an appt for an ultrasound scheduled for wednesday to measure the follicle(s)...hopefully they will be okay and i will get a trigger shot. I am really hoping this month works. I hate having an appt. everyweek to get to..but I guess it is much better than not being monitored at all. My sister is in the Air Force. She's in Iraq right now...coming back next month. Yeah, we haven't even told any family of our plans at all...I don't want to hear a word about it. We are young (23), but we are married, own our home, have good jobs?!?!?! Hopefully once I get pregnant no one will be disappointed, that is my fear....So, did your doctor mention anything about Metformin for the pcos??? You should look into that.


SerineMali - April 30

hey DB...
I'm going back in a couple weeks to get another US for my cysts. I am already upset with the care they provide here because they really don't take the time out to look into the problems. The doc didn't prescribe anything yet, he's waiting for my next US to see if they're gone. He was trying to put me back on OCP and I was like no... it took my body foreverrr to get those things out of my system in order to get pregnant and I'm like I'm not doing it. I'm frustrated because I feel like no one cares but this is such a big deal to me. My husband and I are very young too. We're both 21 but we're starting early because of all these problems. I'm scared I'm going to put it aside and then it's just gonna get worse, especially with the docs I've got! I can't wait until we go back to the states so that I can get seen at an outside clinic or a hospital that has advanced care.... anyways I wish your sister is doing well ..... and hope you have a wonderful time when she comes home next month. I also wanted to say thanks for replying to these posts... yesterday must have been the worst day of my life... I've never been a jealous person but yesterday I was sooo upset and frustrated and kinda jealous. All of neighbors(wives of active duty) have babies.. and when I say all I mean allll.. and the part that killed me was the neighbor across the street invited us over for BBQ and there was nothing to do because there were newborns and toddlers EVERYWHERE. so my hubby and I just kinda stood around and ended up leaving. it kinda broke my heart, how some people can do it sooo quickly and others just struggle so much with it.... welll hopefully it'll turn out well for the both of us... Good luck to you.. talk to you soon... Let me know what happens.. I'll update you too!!!


DB - May 1

hey there...sorry to hear your weekend wasn't very good. Don't worry, I think both of us will bet a +soon...I hope so...I am getting over a yeast infection..gross...that came on saturday...I think it's gone now, but gosh, what timing, I swear God is against me having children! Hopefully I won't O until Wednesday or Thursday so I don't have to bd tonight...I don't wanna irritate it...All my opk's have been negative....Anyways, I'll check back with you soon, hope you are feeling much better..



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