Ovarian Cysts
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Lynn - March 2

Hello Everyone.. I read this all the time, but have never actually posted anything! Here's the scoop: I am 28, husband 33, I was on BC for about 10 years. Went off last March, been ttc for 2 months now, going on the 3rd. While on BC, AF was 28 days, very light, no cramps, etc,etc. Now, January's AF came with backpain that started 2 days before, cramps the day of & the next day.. medium strength cramps... this past AF came with backpain 2 days before, cramps the WHOLE time. The cramps turned into a "pain" that came & went mainly on my right side, sometimes it was more general, sometimes over on my left side, but 80% of the time on my right side. Went to the Doc & he said ovarian cyst.. never has one of these ever before..never had anything "wrong" down there ever before. Going through the regular pg test to make sure it's not a tubal & had an ultrasound today,don' t know if they found anything though.. so my question is this: Could the change in AF symtoms be because of this cyst? Could I really have had it for the past 2.5 months? I remember having a little "crampyness" on my lower right side at odd times during the previous 2 cycles, but I haven't really been keeping a chart of anything until this last cycle. Thanks!


cc - March 3

My story is so similar to yours. I came off BC in mid-December and about two weeks later started having pinching pain on my right side and someitme my lower back hurt. I thought it might just be ovulation, but I had it all the time and at the wrong time of the month. Went to the doctor and had a cyst on my left ovary. A month later the same pain on my right side - then one day terrible pain I went to the ER i had a burst cyst and there were several cysts on my right ovary and still the same on my left. The DR says this is because I went off BC and it shouldn't have any effect on ttc. I don't know if it could cause changes in AF mine have been the same, but I worry about PCOS which does cause irregular, but more often missed periods. Good Luck!


Lynn - March 3

Thanks for the reply! My Dr. said to come back in 1 week if it still hurt.. doesn't look like it is going to go away anytime soon. He gave me Ultram for the pain -- that's some crazy stuff! He said he should get my sonogram results in 2-3 days & will call me if it turns up anything. Occasionally I am having the painon my left side too. I'm starting to get worried about it! Now that I have been thinkng about it, I KNOW that I can trace the right side cyst back 2 cycles. Everything I read says that they should go away after 2-3 months... we are going on 3 months now!


Lynn - March 3

By the way, do you feel really gassy? More than normal? I have some pains that feel almost like gas pains & I Am more agssy than normal!


tierra - June 29

does ovarian cysts make you sterile



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