ovarian cyst
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lala - March 1

I need help if was diagnosed with and ovarian cyst 3.5cm last week. My doctor told me it was normal. I'm 2 weeks late and I been feeling really sick. Headaches, dizziness, Lightheaded etc. What should I do?


Estee P - March 1

Get yourself a home pregnancy test and test yourself, sweetie, you could be preggo!! Did your doctor test you for pregnancy? Don't worry about the cyst, the doc is probably right, cysts come and go. I also had a big one a while ago, and it was gone a month later. But maybe the cyst is the thing that's messing up your cycle, although I'm not too sure, I'm guessing. But test yourself girl!


Cutie - March 2

I have a problem with a cyst, and I read on the internet that sometimes cyst can give you pregnancy like symptoms, I think thats what I had. Just FYI :) Good luck


faith - March 2

same situation here..my stomach was even swelling but when I went to the doctor and he told me that I have many cysts..(and that I should do some abdominals..cause that aint cysts causing my stomach to swell..lol) after which I came home,took a pregnancy test and it was negative..I felt just about the same symptoms as you did...but you still could be pregnant..so take a test!!


michelle - March 2

are you trying to conceive, i seem to have cysts every time i go for a scan but they always assure me they are fine although they can play with your cycle, i would do a test if your unsure.


Lynn - March 2

Have you had pg test? could be tubal pg, not cysts.. had an ultrasound? any sharp pain? Headache, dizziness, etc are all signs of a ruptured cyst.. but definitely not normal things to be experiencing. I'd call the doc asap & double check. better to be safe than sorry.


lala - March 3

I just got my menstrual. I whent to the docter yesterday because i was having an anxiaty attack caused by stress and tension on my neck. Has anybody had this before. I feel really light headed and very scared.


Lynn - March 3

Yes, I went to the ER with my first anxiety attack. Thought I was having a heart attack! Now I can pretty much recognize the symptoms when they begin & sometimes & can do some deep breathing & relaxation to curb the attck & sometimes I just have to sit through it. It's easier now that I know that I'm not dying.. I just keep telling myself that through the whole thing..


SE - May 25

Last year I had a partial hysterectomy due to Fibroid Cyst. I told the doctor I wanted everything out. Due to my age 43 they left my ovaries. I went for an ultrasound 2 wks ago and a small cyst is on my left ovaries. I was told not to worry.



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