OTC Progesterone Cream - has anyone used?
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Megan - February 22

I'm thinking of getting some OTC progesterone cream since I think my LP is too short (lasts only 10 days). Has anyone used it and has it helped at all? If so, what brand do you recommend? Thanks!


SashaP - February 22

I do not recommend it. I tried the Arbonne Proleif cream which was highly recommended to me. I tried it for 1 cycle and did not stop spotting for almost 2yrs thus not being able to get pg plus I had to go back on the pill b/c of it. Get tested then have your dr. descide what to do. I didn't have a hormone problem that needed to be corrected. Don't go through what I had to.


Cendy - February 22

Megan, I used OTC progesterone to help make the baby stick, I did not have a short LP, but I guess it could help with that too. I used Menocream which I purchased at Wal-greens. It is in the section next to the vitamins in the self help section.



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