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tibby - October 25

I heard that if you have a orgasm after your dh ejaculates it could help when ttc. Because when you have a orgasm your cervis contracts and it sucks the sprem up.


justine - October 25

Could be. I made sure I had a couple of orgasms after my dh ejaculated and I fell pregnant. Then again, I always make sure I have a couple of orgasms. LOL! But yeah, the contractions could help the guys swim upward. Plus they would have more good stuff to swim in! GL .


cdmrose - October 25

LOL I will have to tell my dh he is right. He has had this same "theory" for the last couple of months too, which he loves to bring up, right before bd'ing. I certainly can't complain! =)


lovemy3 - October 25

I asw that on a health show about ttcing, the drs said it is true for sure.


Sam How - October 25

Hi Iv'e also read this on the net, When you orgasm it acts the same as fertile cervical mucus helping the little swimmers get through your cervix.



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