Oral sex
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Anna - April 5

Do my chances to get pregnant decrease if we have oral sex few hours before?
Thank you.


Heather - April 5

What kind of oral sex? You giving or receiving? It depends.


stacy - April 5

I was wondering the same thing... what about giving it?


Heather - April 5

The man's sperm count will be low because he just ejaculated the "build up" he had. It's better to give oral afterwards if you want to. As for receiving it... It won't decrease your chances of becoming pg. You want to make sure you orgasm during or just after he ejaculates because the cervix will act as a vacuum and pull the sperm in easier.


Anna - April 6

Thank you. But doesn't saliva decline the quality of sperm?


M - April 7

Okay, so glad you posted this question. I have been TTC for over a year and I usually receive oral sex bc it seems to be the one true way I climax. Sorry about all the terrible details. Anyway, just read in a book two weeks ago that the bacteria etc in saliva can actually kill sperm and really affect its quality. So, none of that buisness has been going on this month. We will see if it makes a difference!!!!



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