OPKs not working or not ovulating?
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Marie - September 3

We've been TTC for 4 cycles now. This cycle, I decided to try using OPKs, which I started using on CD15 (I have a 36 day cycle) and have used one per day all week according to the instructions. Today is now CD 21 and every single OPK so far has been negative for an LH surge. I normally ovulate on CD19, but haven't even see a faint test line--only ever the control line. So I'm worried this means I'm not going to ovulate at all this month. Could the OPKs be wrong though? It's really frustrating because I was really hoping the OPKs would help us really nail the timing this time. It's bumming me out... :(


Julie - September 5

I 've been having the same problem. Someone told me to try testing 2x a day becasue maybe we are missing our our surge. Like if we test at 2pm, and our surge doesn't come until night time and then we don't test again until 2pm the next day, maybe we missed it??? I hear it's good to test at like 2pm and 8pm??? Obviously this will cost more money cuz your using more tests, but maybe that will help... I'll probably try that next month... Good luck!


Lena - September 5

I never had much luck with OPK. I tried them daily for several cycles while IUIing and never got a positive result even though u/s showed I ovulated.



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