OPKs are driving me mad!!!!!!!!!
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oncemore - March 9

Ok, do you or do you not get so frustrated at that darn little test line!!!!!!! I have been doing one to two opk tests every day and sometimes the line is there (but faint) and then today (the later one I did in the day) had no test line at all!!!!!! I am on my cd15 and usually have a 28 day cycle but last cycle was 25 days;( my temp is still down but no good test line on the dang *@###@*** darn OPK test;..( I am getting so dang frustrated at this cycle keeping crap!!!!!!!!!! I JUST HAVE TO VENTt!!!! Anyone else want to vent? I would just like to see the darn test line of my OPK go dark and give me a green light! Ugh!!!!!!!! Please vent to make me feel like I am not alone!!!!!!!!!


oncemore - March 13

Fine, no one has to comment or vent with me. Because NOW I am happy! I got a very positive OPK today!!! Woo Hoo! So I don't care if no one wants to share or not! Happy times ahead! Lots of baby dust to you all! Lots of BDing! I do hope that we all have the best of luck at ttc!


jg - March 13

YAY for you. ROFL! :-D You're funny. :-D


oncemore - March 14

Thank you jg. You have a great day;-)


sososleepy - March 14

Hi Oncemore. I'm sorry I missed that first post; they've been driving me nuts too. I've been mostly on the loss board. I finally went to dollar tree and bought 17 opk's for this cycle. I finally finally got a positive after testing several times a day. I'm exhausted, tested out, and trying for one more bd as soon as dh empties his plate... actually hoping for temp spike tomorrow so I can SLEEP after work!


lovemy3 - March 15

I hear ya!! They drive me nuts too and here in Canada they cost $50.00 for 5 little tests. I usually stock up while in the US but this month they are costing a fortune and I don't get a positive till cd20 either! Good grief!


oncemore - March 15

Hi gals! It is such a pain to test, huh. I do think that it is best to test more than once a day because it can be so easily missed (the lh surge that is). Best of luck sososleepy and lovemy3! LOL about the bding sososleepy! Fertility friend just told me that I should have bd yesterday and then again today so I ran to our bathroom as DH was done with his shower and getting ready for work and I made him do the bd with me right there on the spot! LOL then I laid down for 30 min but had to get going to get my other kids ready for school. I hope the earlier bding did the trick! One last ditch effort this AM though:D


oncemore - March 15

I am all for the cheep dollar store OPKs but recently my dollar stores haven't carried them and so I had to buy three packs of OPKs (different brand names) and was testing from cd 8 until cd 20 and I tested like two to three times a day towards the end! Finally got a real good surge on cd19 (Monday) so now we just have to wait and see. Baby dust to you girls and sticky power to us as well!!!! Wow lovemy3! I can't believe how expensive your OPKs are! I was complaining about having to spend $16 for 7. Best of luck to you:)


Mzwest83 - March 15

I really hate these stupid test to! I mean they do cost alot. I just ought dollar store ones I hope they work. My cycle days are always off so I really need them. When I got pregnant with my two girls it was by complete accident. Now that I want a nother child it seems like I can't get pregnant. Funny how things work.


sososleepy - March 15

OPK's as they work for me: Last cycle I never got a +, just several days of lines of various shades lighter than the control line. This cycle I bought dollar tree opk's. CD 3- no line. CD 6- so slight it all most wasn't there. CD 8,9,10-extremely faint. CD 11-a bit under half color. CD 12-darker than day before but not positive. CD 13- 1st am p darned near positive in 10 minutes (left for work and left it at home), 1:30pm +, 5:30pm neg, 11:30 pm (and better urine hold than the 5:30 one) more neg than the 5:30. I looked at the 1st am one when I got home and it was more positive than the 1:30 ever got, so I'll absolutely keep them all regardless of the directions; the others I used (which I also still have) never darkened that way. CD 14- 1st am p, extremely neg. Those results: 3 darkest lines on cd's 11, 12, &13, and much lighter than cd 11 or 12 by the evening of the 13th, put my surge on those days (it lasts 40 to 50 hours). We're supposed to O about 36 hours after the surge starts, so if I'm not pg this cycle (and I tried, I tried!!) I'll be using 3 to 4 opk's daily next cycle to try to zoom in on the surge hours a little bit better because by the time I got the + I think I O'd within hours and we need the swimmers the 2 to 3 days BEFORE O and the day of O. I used cp, cm, and bbt, and O feelings to try to pinpoint my O more precisely. Again, I'll be much more thorough next cycle and check several times daily. I got my +opk at 1:30, dh got home late in the evening (and we did bd), but I had O twinges beginning at 2:30 (and those can apparently happen before, during, or more likely after O), my cervix was lower by 8pm the following evening (cd14), and my temp began to go up on CD15. All that said, I think if I'd ignored those 2 nice lines that weren't +, I'd have completely missed by best bd days, which were CD 11 & 12 (and the am of CD 13, but there just isn't time before work usually, so I missed that am opportunity.) If I were just going by bbt, I'd have been days off. I don't have enough cm to rely on it, but I did buy a speculum and convince dh to assist me in getting digital pix of my cervix so I can observe the cm there. It's also easy to tell position in the pix. CM was good on cd11, perfect on cd12, and I didn't check on cd13 because I just wanted swimmers now and was afraid to disturb any that might still be in the mucus in case they could still make it through. Of all the signs to watch, the one that works best for me is CP. The day I O and the day before I O, I can't reach it, and it's enough different that dh even has it figured out and can tell too. The opk's and temps just confirmed that for me. I'll do them again, and more, next cycle to be sure, but I've reached the end of the google search on every key word I could think of related to ovulation and that's the best conclusion I can reach at this time (still looking of course.) I hope that helps.


oncemore - March 15

WOW sososleepy. No wonder you are sleepy, LOL. j/k:D That is wonderful that you are that on top of it all! I just recently started trying to check cp and I checked starting two days before I got a + opk and on the day after the +opk is when my cp was high (the other times it had been what I would think is medium and soft and open) then it was only high-soft-open for two days and then back to med or even low. I have tried the dollar tree opk's, answer, clearblue, and first response opk's as well and I think I liked the dollar tree ones and Answer the best. Last pregnancy (dd) I never got a total line that was the same or darker than the control line but it was the closest I got and so I charted it as a +. What I can't stand is that the control line has always been so wide and dark and then when I think I have a + test line, it is half dark as or darker and then the other half (which would then make it the same width as the control line) is faint as all get up! I think it's important to have as many signs as possible if you are in doubt that is for sure!



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