OPKs and Clomid...
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MuzikGurl - January 29

Ok, many of you say and claim your dr. also said to test with OPKs on Clomid but, so far as I read in many of the over the counter OPKs, it says clomid is one of the drugs that can alter the results, ie; false positives or neg. So, tell me what brand of OPKs out there that won't alter??? And how come they don't print it on the box on the outside..I found out this the hard way by wasting money on them only to read the leaflet it comes with on the inside in small letters about the results and how clomid along with other fertility drugs out on market can alter the results...they should tell you that so you won't waste your money but do they care no....all they care about is that you buy you pay they get a fat check...so fustrating....so, girls tell me what brand of OPKs do you girls use???? (I've tried first response, answer, and clear blue) (all which state clomid may give the wrong results)...=(


To: Muzikgirl - January 30

You have to wait 3 full days after your last Clomid pill before you use your OPK test strips or the results will alter. Good luck



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