OPKs - can someone explain.
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Megan - December 14

I keep reading about OPKs. What do they do? Is there a brand name that's recommended. How do I know when to use them?


Brie - December 14

hi megan. OPK is ovulation predictor kit. Depending on how long your cycle is you want to start testing about 12 days into your cycle. I just switched to the clearblue easy test that is a digital read. It was a smiley face instead of the lines which can be very hard to interpret. If you are trying to figure out when you ovulate, you may want to give the opk's a shot.
Good luck and I hope it works.
How long have you been trying?


Anna - December 14

OPKs are able to detect the LH surge (Luteinizing Hormone-a hormone that triggers you to ovulate) you have about 12-36 hours before you ovulate. That way you know when your ovulating and when to BD. You test once a day and some test twice a day. You continue until you get a +++ OPK. I started testing about a week after my af ended and continued until I got a +++ OPK. All the OPKs are different, but it sounds like the smiley face one may be better than the lines. They can be difficult to decipher sometimes. If your having trouble, just ask the girls here and they can help you. I used the generic CVS brand and got a +++ on it when I got PG. Good luck!


Megan - December 14

Hi Brie,
We've been trying for a few months now but now I'm really getting into it (trying to detect my best days and such). Needed clomid for my first pregnancy and I don't want to do that again. I'm trying vitex (only been on it for a week though) and I'd love to be pregnant before I turn 40 next year . Yikes!!



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