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d - January 10

Hi Ladies, Hope everyone is well. af is not wanted but to on the 17th. I o'd on new years. got my positive on the opks and it gradually went down after that. Just for hahas i did another opk yesterday and i got the darkest line i ever saw. much darker than the reference line. I seen the comments on peeonastick.com with opks as hpts. Any thoughts on that. I am not on any meds of any kind. I have never ovualated twice in a month. i don't think it is it.
I have have been lightheaded for a few days comes and goes. No signs of a cold or flu anything like that.
anyone think it is tooo early for a bfp? i am going crazy here. dh and i have been ttc for 11 mos now. although i gave up for a month in november. BABY Dust To ALL


for d - January 10

did you take an hcg shot because if you did that may be what you are getting on the opk. If not 10 days after ovulation is about the absoluet earliest you could get a positive on. Wait til af is missed and then take an hpt and see for sure. Right now you will just end up playing mind games with yourself and probably will yourself symptoms which we've all done way too much!! If you ovulated 2x in a month it is within 24 hours not days apart and it is not very common. Light headedness can be from a high estrogen level. Pee on a stick also says DONT rely on an opk as an hpt as more often then not it is wrong. So take it easy and dont fret, you'll know in 7 or 8 days when af comes or doesnt. People out there want us to spend tons of money on tests and play on our emotions.


d - January 10

Nope no shots, nothing of any source. Thanks for the info on the o'ing 2 times would be within 24 hours. you learn something new everyday. the prices have been going up here on things. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I am trying so hard not to think about it.



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