OPK which is the best?
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kia20904 - January 12

hello ladies. i am going to buy a OPK to track my ovulation. Which ones are the best. my cycles are weird. so i would have to use them the whole month. i seen one call Answer Daily with 20 strips, is this a good one? i was on depo about a year ago and stopped using it after the first shot. after that my cycles were weird. coming every 30-36 days for 3 months then i would miss one. then they would start up again. Thank you for your help.


mommy2josh - January 12

Hi Kia, I got trapped with the Answer because I was tempted by the 20 strips for the same price as the others charge for 7, but learned the hard way that they SUCK. Try the clear blue easy but not the digital ones. Good luck. And God isnt punishing you girl. You just need time.


kia20904 - January 12

Thanks alot Mommy2Josh. i really hope this happens soon. i want to start a family so bad.


lovemy3 - January 12

Hi there. I am ttc my 4th for 1 yr now and have been using them. My favourite is the First response OPK, but because I need to go thru a lot of them as well, they expensive. At this exact moment I am using the Answer Strips 20 pack with the dip cup. The first time I used them about 6 months ago, I thought they were bad and ened up buying another brand and used 2 types at once and compared.. The Answer brand did get my surge, but a day later than the First response. I am now using the Answer 20 strips again and have showed a very dark psitive OPk for 3 days now and can't figure out why. I am wondering about the test strips. I have also ordered the online cheap ones. 50 strips for $30. they were also dip tests. i don't know. At the beginning I liked the midstream First response but as time ticks on and the expense of using them for 12 months, i am using the dip strips from Answer as there are 20 of them. Plus having more of them you can test twice a day which is a good thing so you don't miss the surge. Good luck.


kia20904 - January 12

Thank you Lovemy3. you're veryhelpful:-)


slowpoke01 - January 13

i get cheap ones off ebay and have also tested with the first response and the clearblue and the ebay cheapos show a + the same time the others do. my favorite however is the clearblue and the first response.they seem to show a + quicker. however the accuclear i am not satisfied with them. they show a faint line no matter what time in my cycle i test. i think that it is evap lines but it is really annoying. so i wont buy any more of them. good luck to you


tk07 - January 13

hi! my dr told me to use first response, and they have been working really good.
lovemy3, i saw on your post about the + for 3 days and i had that too, i wonder if it has something to do with the opk brand since we use the same one??


newmommy - January 13

Hi! I've been using the Clearblue Easy OPK's, and the First Response pregnancy tests. Good luck!


wanthappychubbybabies25 - January 13

I buy my OPKs from www.babywishes.org they have different sensitivity levels to choose from.



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