OPK's and a line every time?
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~S - November 5

Are you suppose to get a line every time you test with an OPK, because I do? I know that if the line is as dark as the reference line then you are getting your surge. I was just wondering because for the last two days I have gotten lines but just not as dark. I had read that they might be inaccurate with PCOS, and I have PCOS. I know it says that you always have LH in your body, so I am like am I always suppose to get a line but just not a dark one until my surge?


Alycia - November 6

I got a line every single day no matter what. Trust me, you'll know when it's positive - it's dramatic and it develops really quickly. Good luck!


Lisa - November 6

I agree with you Alycia. I took the test and got a fairly dark line every time to, but you can definitly tell when you have picked up your LH surge because the line will be a lot darker than the control line.I started testing cycle day 5 and got a dark line all the way up till cycle day 11 and that is when I picked up my surge and there was a big difference in the color.


Staci - November 6

Thanks girls! I hope today will be that day! I am waiting until later in the day, like the test instructions say to do! Wish me luck!



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