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~jasmin~ - June 5

ive been ttc for 7 months now and last month used an opk.has anyone used these and gotten pregnant soon after or are they a waste of money? we bd for 4 days around ovulation but still no luck.....any comments on opk's apreciated! thanks :o)


bump - June 7



Cutie - June 7

Just started using one (2nd month) I will let you know later.... I never thought that baby making was this tough :0 Good luck :)


kc - June 7

I used them for a few months when ttc my first daugher and am now using the CBE fertility monitor for this one. They can increase your chances by narrowing down your fertile days. After you ovulate you are only fertile for 24 hours. The sperm needs to be in your tubes at this time. You need to have sex when you reach your LH surge (pos. opk) up until 1 day after you ovulate. If you have a regular cycle you will only need to do these tests for a few months until you know the time you ovulate. If your cycles are irregular it is good to use them each month to find your fertile days. Which can become costly. I hope this helps.



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