OPK's ?
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Chris - October 11

Hey all,
I have been TTC with no luck and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on OPK's ? I have never used one and I was wondering when I should start testing with it ? I have a varying cycle it ranges from 24-27 days I got my period on Oct 9th which usually lasts appx. 5 days so when should I start testing based on that ? I know some woman O early and some late, but I have no idea when I do I have been using O calanders and ewcm, but this isn't working so maybe this would help me better pinpoint my O day. Will I be able to tell if I am acutally Oing by using an opk ? Which is the best brand to use ? Has anyone conceived using these, if so how long did it take you ?


1 - October 12



Ericka - October 12

Hi Chris. I have been using opk's for about 6 months now. The first couple of months I tested everyday after af until I got a + or af again (I wasn't ovulating the first couple of months of using them). That was a very expensive couple of months. Now I know my cycle and I use only about 5 out of a box. The insert that comes with the kits say that if you have a 24 day cycle you should start tesing on day 7 . If your af's are pretty regular and you don't want to spend tons of money that is the way to go. Good Luck



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