OPK Recomendations???
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Apryl - November 9

Can anyone recomend a good OPK? There seem to be quite a few out there but I know that some are better than others. Baby dust to everyone!!!


to apryl - November 9

Best "OPK" I've used is BBT charting. Especialy if you are fairly regular. Cervical mucus and position don't lie. 18 consecutive days of high temps means you're PG. And-- the only cost is about $10 for the thermometer.


Apryl - November 9

Thanks! I had considered that as well but thought I would do some research on OPK's also


Justine - November 9

Hi Apryl. I've been using Clearblue Easy OPKs for 3 months now and really like them as you do get a very obvious and darker line when you get your LH surge and a much fainter one when you're not surging so it's easy to use. initially you may use the whole packet of 7 but once you get an idea of your cycle and if you're ovulating regularly you can bring that down to 2ish so it gets cheaper. it does also help to temp as well as you can then tell for sure when you ovulated whereas the opks just show the LH surge. good luck.


Apryl - November 9

Justine, thanks for the suggestion. I was looking at the Clearblue Easy Monitor as well, but I hate to pay that much money if not necessary. I have heard really good things about it. Some women have gotten pregnant after the first month of using it.


Justine - November 9

Apryl - i've heard good things about it too but if money is abit tight i think you can do just as well looking at cm changes, using the opks and temping as you soon build up a very good picture of your cycle. you could also try charting using fertilityfriend.com or something similar as it basically predicts your most fertile time once you've entered your data each day. also if you are interested in the monitor i've heard that you can sometimes get them alot cheaper on ebay... just a thought.


Sara - November 9

This month I bought OPK's from the $1 store and it worked great.Very easy to read and showed up pos exactly when I thought I showed be O'ing(according to my CM).It will save you quite a bit of money.I bought 7 but only used 5 before I got pos. Good luck and tons of baby dust!!


Apryl - November 9

Thanks! Yes, I have started bidding on a Clearblue Easy OPK on Ebay....I am just not real big on going through the hassle of charting temps and checking cm.....


eb - November 9

I use anwser or clear blue opk from wal-mart. They work really well.


Justine - November 9

Apryl - good luck on your bid on ebay. let us know how you get on.


Apryl - November 9

Thanks! I will let you guys know. I have been reading some other threads and it seem a lot of women have been buying the Clearblue Easy on Ebay due to them being expensive. In addition, some that you bid on come with extra testing strips and pregnancy tests. The whole package in one!!!


Anna - November 10

I used the cheap CVS brand and it was accurate, as I am now 16 weeks pregnant. I think some of the cheap ones just as well as the expensive ones. You just have to be consistent with them and learn how to read them.


Anna - November 10

Sorry, I meant to say that some cheap ones work just as well....


Apryl - November 10

Thanks Anna and congrats on your pregnancy. How long were you ttc?


To Apryl - November 10

Hi, I used the Answer test from Wal-Mart with seven test strips. I luckily conceived the first time that I used them after trying to conceive for almost a year, so I would definitly recommend them to anyone and the cheap ones work just as well as the expensive ones! Good Luck!


Apryl - November 10

Congrats! That is wonderful news and definately something that I will take into consideration.....



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