OPK or Fertility monitor?
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soimpatient - June 18

What's the difference between OPK and a "fertility monitor"? pros and cons?


slowpoke01 - June 18

i think they are the same thing but not sure i use opk's because they are easy to use you just pee on a stick they have always worked fine for me i have never used a basal body thermometer i just went in friday to have iui because i got my surge line on thursday but they are inexpensive on ebay that is where i buy mine and i usually get like 60 opk's and 10 pregnancy tests together for like 12 dollars i have also used the clear blue easy ovulation tests and they work great too i get the same line with those as i do with the ones i buy off ebay so maybe i helped you out some good luck


wannabeamom - June 18

A fertility monitor is an opk. However, a monitor is run by batteries and is makes reading results easier to read. I have used the pee sticks from the drug store and also use the clearblue easy fertility monitor. I like them both the same. The monitor can be pricey. You can get them on ebay for as little as $80. The sticks for the monitor are etween $35-$50. But it is a 3-month supply. The least expensive pee sticks were like $20 a month. I have heard from one of the girls that pg, that on the month she got pg her monitor showed she did not O. So nothing is 100% correect. This cycle I am planning on using both. GL and I hoped I helpd some.


soimpatient - June 18

Thanks ladies! I chart BBT and I use OPKs...I just wanted to see if I should be using a monitor as well...but I think I will pass! Again, thanks for taking the time to respond!


slowpoke01 - June 18

no problem soimpatient thats what we are all on here for anytime you need to ask a question there is usually someone that can answer because they have experienced it i too chose not to buy the monitor i just use the pee sticks..lol..i am addicted to those things i think that clear blue opk are like 99.9% accurate let me go look at the box..i was wrong they are 99% so that leaves a 1% margin of error which is really good but i use 2 different brands of sticks just to be sure that they both get the same thing i have also read about people getting the ones with smiley faces on them at like walgreens if you are ovulating they will have a smiley but the clue blue work good



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