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TL - February 22

Hi. This is my first month trying the OPK's. I bought the pee on a stick kind. Anyways, on day 14 it was positive and day 15 a darker positive.
How many more day's would I expect to see the 'dark' line? I would think it should start to go back down to normal now, assuming I O'd.
We have been trying for 18 months, even had the HSG test done in Oct-04, but did me no good. We have fertility appt. set up 3-1 for IUI startup. My fingers are crossed and hope is here again.
This is such a frustrating road to go down. Seems everyone around me gets pregnant by blinking!
Thanks for letting me vent :)


Mega - February 22

I'd say you're right, the OPK should start going back to normal now. I think the window of a + OPK is like 2 days. Good luck. It is a very frustrating process, but we just have to do what we've got to do. I tell myself that everyday! Good luck at your IUI fertility appt. IUI has a pretty good success rate. Hang in there. HTH!


TL - February 22

Thanks for the fast response Mega.
It's nice to know other women understand the feelings that go along with not being able to get preggers.
I love these discussion boards. They are so informative.


Mega - February 22

You're welcome! :) I know, I really love the support that comes from this board. Isn't it nice to know there are lots of other women going thru similar issues with this whole TTC craziness?!


mrose - February 22

hello TL, just wanted to say I just started the OPK a couple days ago, it seems kind of confusing I guess. How long did you get absolutley nothing but the control line? I thought it would be a little light all the time, didnt realize it would have nothing other than the control line...guess I'm still learning....good luck


Pinky - February 22

Hi mrose! I think u still have to wait for more days. I m sure one day u will see your faith line darker than control line or parallel. You have to test everyday. OPK works on detecting LH surge. LH surge will have peak. So, some brand will saw you positive result for 3 days. It means when the peak start (same color for both), At the peak (Darker faith line) and at the end of the peak (Again same color). Ovulation can be on peak day of LH surge or within 24-48 hours (varies from woman to woman).


TL - February 23

Hi ladies.
I couldnt believe how slick it worked.
For the first time (this month).
I have a 30-32 day cycle, but I did my first pee test on day 14 and could tell the pink line was slightly darker than the control line.
On day 15 the test line was much darker than control line.
On day 16, the test line was super light, so I knew LH surge was over.
We baby danced on days 14, 15 and 16.
Am praying for results this month :)
Good luck and keep testing around your fertile time, pay attention to when you get your af each month and go by the days on the instructions of OPK.
Good luck to you!!


MelissaT - February 23

This is my first time taking the OPK as well and I a was a 26day cycle and on day 18th we seen a faint positive line and then never again. WHY is this so confusing?? This is crazy waiting.


TL - February 23

Melissa, If you only have a 26 day cycle you probably O around day 11 or 12. Not day 18. I bet you tested too late.
Try again next month, just alot sooner.
Baby dust :)


MelissaT - February 23

Well I started it the day after my AF was over, which would be the 11th and it was a no go, so I dont get it, but I also think that it helps if you do it at 10am or 12pm, I was doing it really early. So I guess we will see, It is odd that, that was the only day (18th) that I even got a little line to show. I am all messed up, cause Af isnt always 26 days, its from 25 to 28 days. Hard telling. Thanks


TL - February 24

Hi Melissa. The instructions on mine said to test after noon time and hold pee for 4 hours and the reading should be good.
I did mine at 5pm each day and that worked really well.
Good luck :)



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