OPK multiple + in a cycle?
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OPK stumped - April 6

I was wondering if anyone had multiple positive OPK is a cycle without actually ovulating? How common is this? I had a postive OPK and I thought I ovulated but my temps never really "jumped" up. What do you think?


hmm - April 6

PCOS maybe?


SashaP - April 6

I had alot of false + one month. I think it was a bad batch. It only happened with that one box of OPk's. I'm also on fertility drugs and I thought that affected it but it hasn't happened since. I hope this helps. Good Luck..


Jill7 - April 11

I have had +opk twice in one month. The first one was on day 11 and then again on the 17th...very confusing, but if you are temping you will know the first one was a false surge. Good luck.


babyloves2play - April 11

It is possible your body is having a hard time ovulating, but from what I've read, if your opk's are positive at different times most likely you ovulated on the last surge you got because your body wilk keep trying to ovulate until it does or your cycle starts over. It is also possible to have a surge and not ovulate. Is it a one time occurrence or has it happened before? If this is only a one time thing, pcos probably isn't it. I agree with Jill7, if you temp you will get a more reliable answer as to when you ovulate or if you ovulate. ~*~*Babydust*~*~



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