opk confusion !!!
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Chas - February 1

I am/was waiting for a positive opk. The weirdest thing happened though... I started testing on CD9 with walgreens brand. I had two left, so I went ahead and used them. CD9 and CD10 both had definate lines but not quite as dark as the control line. So... i had some internet ones on the way that I normally use, and yesterday at CD 11 no line at all !!!! today again, no line !! (maybe just a faint one)What could be going on ??? DId I miss it? The brand shouldn't matter, right ?? ?


mommy2josh - February 1

Chas, all I have to say is that brands DO matter. I didnt get a +OPK with an answer brand strips (they come 20 in a box), but did get it with Clear Blue Easy ovulation prediction kit. (at the same time). That same morning I had a u/s which confirmed that I had 6 mature follicles. My RE told me not to use store brands or internet cheapies and recommended CBE. I know girls who have both the cheapies and the expensive brands working for them. Who knows? Are you being monitored? I hope you had some bd sessions just in case. Good luck to you :)


Chas - February 1

Thanks for the response mommy2josh.
I am going after work to get some new ones!! This is rididulous !! I am going to be so mad if we missed it! We did bd the night before last. today is CD12 maybe I'm still fertile. I was suppose to get a intracervical insemination when my opk became positive, but now... i dunno. Maybe if it's positive tonight, we can go tomorrow. I don't see any cm or anything either. Who knows!! I hate this, but thanks for the advice


lovemy3 - February 2

I definately think OPK brand makes a huge difference. I am addicted and have used them all-LOL. I find that with First Response they gradually fade in, looking quite dark for awhile before positive, then with the online ones and with the Answer strips, they are clear one night and surging positive the next day. When I have done compaisons, the first response will be almost positive and the answer and online nothing. finally when the first response actually is a true positive the online and answer are psitive out of nowhere. Check out peeonastick.com . Good luck


Chas - February 7

thanks for your responses! I was just about to give up when BAM the internet cheapie became bright positive on CD14 which was really late for me. It was Saturday, so much for the ICI this month !!! I am thinking of moving on to IUI and a fertility center.


s_80 - February 7

hi ppl i'm on clomid 3-7 and today is my cd11.i 'm using first response ovulation sticks and yesterday and today my test line was little lighter and thinner than the referance line. does that means we should wait to have intercourse till i see my test line darker or v.similar and thicker like the reference line? i'm very confused


Chas - February 7

yes, I would wait until you see your bright, darker test line. Don't waste those little sperms !!



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