OPK Accuracy - first time charter on fertilityfriend
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sportybird - April 20

Hello all, I am charting for this first time this month using temps, OPK, cervix and secondary signs on fertilityfriend. I am now on day 19 and have all the signs that O is taking place, to the point that the tracker on the site has marked yesterday and today as green fertile days. BUT I have yet to see a +ve (or even faint) OPK line. Has anyone had or heard of O taking place without either getting a +ve OPK or missing it, (though I am testing every day at same time in PM)? can anyone shed ANY light? Thanks xxx


PoohBear - April 20

Sometimes its better to test in the morning when the horomones that cause ovulation are more present and true. With fertilityfriend I noticed that I got thre dark green days and the a light green day which indicated the day that I ovulated on. Im not sue about o'ing and not getting a +OPK.


sportybird - April 20

Thanks, I've just checked back on FF and realised the 2 different green boxes, so I haven't got the O green box yet! I'm sure I'll get used to this all very soon!


kelley32 - April 20

Hi ... I also used Fertility Friend last cycle and was also using the OPKs, but never got a +, even though it was determined that I O'd on CD 16 ... and even got pregnant ... personally I think that you can effectively tell when you are going to ov. without the OPK.


sportybird - April 20

Thanks Kelley32 - I realise that the more signs the better but reassured to hear that it doesn't always go to plan, xxx



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