OPK - positive LH surge eary in cylce????
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sam - October 19

I had a miscarriage in July and my cycle has been a little off since then so this month I decided to try an opk. The very 1st day it showed a positive for a LH surge, how many days should it show a positive??? I'm only about 9 days into my cylce and didn't think it would be positive so fast so I'm a little worried that my hormones are still messed up. Any one have any thoughts on this????


Justine - October 20

Hi Sam, i've been using opks for a couple of months now and find them very useful and easy to use. most tests say that once you've detected the lh surge then you don't need to test again as you will most likely ovulate in the next 12-36 hours. so as soon as you detect the surge start to bd. if your cycles are fairly short than it is likely that you are about to ovulate. do you have ewcm too as this will be an additional sign that your are reaching peak fertility? good luck to you and happy bd!



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