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Audrey - June 29

I have been taking an OPK for the past 32 days. Last month my cycle was 44 days. I decided since I have no idea if I am ovulating I would just take and OPK every day of this past cycle. My period hasn't started yet... but every day for the past 32 days I have gotten a negative OPK. Tracking my BBT didn't work for me due to my schedule. I would assume that even if my cycle was 44 days long I would have ovulated by now. My question is... since I have gotten neg's up to this point, do you think it may be possible that I am not ovulating? I have been off birth control for 6 months..... and really want to give it some more time before I go to a doctor... any help you could give would be great!


curious - June 29



curious - June 30



Lena - June 30

Its very possible that you aren't ovulating, especially since your cycle is so long. Are you working with an RE? If not, then you should contact one. They'll provide you with prescriptions for synthetic progesterones that will help regulate the length of your cycle and promote ovulation.


jackie - June 30

don't mean to sound stupid, but what's an RE?


m - June 30

RE is Reproductive Endocrenologist - in other words a fertility specialist.



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