OPK????? Clomid???
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Gretchen - July 24

Jamie how are you doing? I am really confused, I have been taking opk since Wednesday and everyday I have gotten what I thought was a surge both lines were about the same color, now today I took one just to see what it would show and the test line is way darker than the control line, does this mean I am now about to ovulate? I am really confused. I took clomid days 5-9 and today is cd 17.


Lena - July 25

Not Jamie, but yes the darker line indicated a presense of LH.


Gretchen - July 25

Is it normal to ovulate later on Clomid, I thought I was suppose to ovulate on day 14


Jamie - July 25

Gretchen - Sorry it took my so long to get back to you. I wrote you on our other strand - I definitely think you are ovulating. My doctor said it can take up to day 21 to ovulate so I wouldn't be too worried!


D. - July 25

When on clomid, you will ovulate anywhere from 5 to 8 (and sometimes 10) days after you take the last pill.


gretchen - July 25

Thanks, I was started to get worried about having +opk for so many days and when I took the one yesterday I think it was actually + and the others were not.



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