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dkp - August 9

Hi, i'm new to this forum and everyone seems to know alot about this stuff, my question is this, i started using an opk after several months of ttc and i did my test on the 15th of july, lmp was july 6th it showed positive my husband and i bd on the 15th and then we were not able to again until the 19th , i thought sperm stayed alive for about 3-5 days so i thought maybe the 15th would have still possibly worked, according to my chart i should have ovulated on the 19th or 20th, so why did i not get pregnant from intercourse on the 15th? thanks


hopefulljules - August 9

The only thing I can think of is to remember that even when everything goes right, there is still only a 25% chance of conception. Sorry if that's not any help.


kristina1980 - August 9

Hi dkp, I had this problem to with OPK. And don't know much about it. When I found out my OPK was positive, we had sex within the next 4 hours. Unfortunately couldn't do it again till 3 days later. Anyway, I read, that when you have +OPK you should start to ovulate withing 12-36 hours. And the trick is That your ovulation might have already started. because if you test afternoon, you might have had your first + early morning. Understand? So I guess You have to have sex like everyday from the day 5 - 15 to hit the spot. I don't know. Anyway my AF is due today. I feel wierd and gave up my hopes already. I wiped yesterday and it was red, red, but today nothing yet. so I just don't know. Hope I helped.


slowpoke01 - August 9

dkp- from what i understand you should bd every other day starting like 3 days before you ovulate and 3 days after you ovulate this increases your chances of getting pregnant. and most sperm wont live past 3 days..so that is why you should bd every other day until 3 days after ovulation.


dkp - August 9

Thanks for the info it helps, it's just so frustrating sometimes. I just thought for sure that if there were sperm already in there then that would have for sure worked since it was positive the next day, but maybe just wishful thinking.. Thanks again!!!


Tammy276 - August 11

You should really bd before, during, and after O....and just because you bd at the right time does not guarentee that you are going to get pregnant. It takes the average healthy couple, with no fertility problems, 5 months to get pregnant....it is all about the timing and whether the egg you release is healthy, if the sperm is healthy, there is a whole list of things that has to happen at the right time to get pregnant. Don't get discouraged, I know it can be frustrating, but it takes time. Good luck.



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